Mobile Website Design for Travel Companies

Mobile Website Design for Travel CompaniesDiscover the latest web design trends favored by today’s on-the-go travelers

If your travel company is ready to update your website to a more mobile-friendly design, but you aren’t sure what your site should look like, you’ve come to the right place. Today’s on-the-go travelers are increasingly looking for websites that allow them to shop for travel options using their mobile devices; in fact, 67% of leisure travelers and 78% of business travelers used smartphones during their travel planning process last year, according to Google’s 2014 Travel Study. Travelers are looking for a user-friendly experience across all their internet devices, one that combines engaging content with design and navigation elements that allow them to quickly and easily select the travel options they want. To help you update your site, we’ve identified the hottest trends in mobile website design for travel companies; incorporate these trends to create a mobile-friendly travel website of your dreams.

Start with a responsive travel website design
Your travel company needs a website that will perform flawlessly on every device, whether travelers access it using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other mobile device. A travel website created using responsive website design will automatically adjust to fit whatever device visitors are using, resizing images, fonts, and viewing portal as needed.

Open with a full screen photo background
Greeting visitors with a lush, full screen photo of one of your top destinations will make a great first impression for your travel company. You can stick to a single perfect image or select several different views that rotate through a slideshow – either way, your full screen photo background will engage visitors from the moment they land on your site. The latest mobile devices render pictures in glowing, vibrant colors and intricate detail, so your travel website will look amazing on any device, whether visitors access your site via their tablet or smartphone.

Format a scrolling webpage design
Scrolling websites have become the new standard in modern travel website design. Unlike traditional websites that contain a vast array of pages, scrolling websites provide an intuitive interface that is particularly well-suited to viewing on mobile devices. Mobile device users appreciate the speed and convenience of long-scrolling webpages that allow them to quickly thumb down through content, instead of having to constantly navigate to a new page and wait for it to load.

Feature flat, minimalist design elements
The flat design trend presents content in an easy to view, clutter-free way that will give your travel website a clean, modern look. Flat icons are easier to make out on smaller mobile device screens than shadowed elements, making it easy for visitors to access your various travel options.

Incorporate hidden menus
One of the challenges of mobile web design is figuring out how to give visitors access to needed navigation elements while keeping the smaller mobile device viewing area clutter-free. Hidden menus are the perfect solution; a few discreet bars at the top of your website alerts travelers to your navigation menus, while keeping navigation elements off-screen until needed.

Tie it together with a mobile travel booking engine
Travelers don’t just search for travel options using their smartphones and tablets, they also use their mobile devices to make reservations for hotels, air travel, travel packages, and more. Make sure your travel company gains these bookings by including an easy-to-navigate mobile travel booking engine with simple entry fields, clear options, and secure checkout.

Build in mobile marketing strategies
TO ensure you reach a wide audience with your travel website, you will need to incorporate a full range of interactive marketing strategies. A weekly blog is one of the most effective mobile marketing strategies for travel that can gain your site a wide online audience; make sure your website includes a travel blog, complete with social sharing buttons, that you can easily update with posts on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Optimize your mobile travel website using SEO strategies
Once you have designed the ideal mobile website to represent your travel company, apply SEO (search engine optimization) strategies to ensure travelers can find your website when they perform mobile searches. Optimize all the elements of your updated travel website, including content, images, titles, and more, using long-tail keyword phrases and natural-sounding search terms so your website gains the highest possible ranking in mobile search results.

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