Hotel Content Marketing

In recent years content marketing has replaced television and print promotions as the go-to marketing method for hotels to reach new customers. This is fabulous news for hoteliers! Only the largest hotel conglomerates can still afford to enact lavish marketing campaigns that blast their message through print, television, and radio outlets. Boutique hotels and independent chains operate on a more modest scale. Although you have the same need to reach a large pool of prospective guests, you have to accomplish it at a price you can afford. Hotel content marketing is a cost-effective promotional strategy that can help you achieve an incredible marketing reach for your lodgings while keeping your marketing budget to a reasonable level your hotel can readily afford. Take a look at everything you get with one of Travel Tech Strategies’ hotel content marketing packages:

We’ll identify your hotel’s USP (unique selling proposition)                    

What sets your hotel apart from others? Because Travel Tech Strategies focuses exclusively on hospitality marketing, we are experienced at identifying and building a strong brand identity for boutique hotels and independent chains. Our marketers will precisely identify the specific characteristics that are unique to your hotel chain or that only your hotel can provide. From that, we can build your hotel’s brand identity.

We’ll pinpoint your hotel’s content marketing audience

The key to successful content marketing for hotels is offering information that is specifically tailored to your guests’ interests. We’ll examine your core market – Are you marketing to family travelers seeking out kid-friendly options or appealing to busy travelers looking for a hassle-free stay? Do your guests prefer short stays, extended weekends, or luxurious week-and month-long indulgences?  Once we identify your target audiences we will be able to create content that is specifically targeted to appeal to their tastes.

We’ll help you solidify your content marketing goals

Content marketing can help you achieve several goals at once, but you should have a key purpose in mind. Whether you are looking to build your hotel’s brand, raise customer engagement, or increase your booking rates, approaching content creation with your goals clearly in mind will allow us to produce highly effective results.

Our marketers will create mobile-ready content
Since the majority of travelers access the internet with a tablet or smartphone, it is essential that your hotel content marketing strategies are optimized for mobile. We’ll make sure your content, especially the videos, looks and performs flawlessly on a variety of devices before publishing to ensure a smooth user experience.

Apply SEO strategies to maximize search performance

To ensure your hotel content marketing strategies gain the widest possible marketing reach, our SEO experts will optimize it for search. We’ll apply hotel SEO strategies to all your content, beginning with incorporating relevant keywords and keyword phrases in your written copy, headlines, and Meta descriptions. We’ll tag your photos, graphics, and videos with the highest trending hotel industry keywords and phrases, and include these keywords and links in your video descriptions. We’ll make sure every element of your hotel’s content marketing strategies are search optimized so your hotel can gain the highest possible position in Google search results.

We’ll use the full range of hotel content marketing strategies –

Riveting hotel blog to raise your profile

A weekly or biweekly blog on your website is the centerpiece of your hotel content marketing strategy. We’ll create riveting blogs to draw guests to seek out your website, incorporate the latest trending hotel keywords to raise your search profile, all the while keeping your website updated with the new, fresh content that Google loves.

Video content to showcase your hotel’s unique style

Video marketing is one of the most effective content marketing strategies for hotels because it allows you to immerse visitors in the unique style and feel of your establishment. Our professional videographers can create video tours of your hotel so guests can see everything you have to offer, with a focus on your hotel’s unique features. We’ll incorporate the video throughout your website to entice guests and add a dynamic feel, and create short, 3- to 10-second video clips of the best shots to liven up your social posts and make them stand out.

Social media posts to engage hotel guests’ interest

Your socially-inclined guests are already documenting and sharing the unique experience your hotel has to offer. Our content marketing department can create an interactive social media strategy that combines your guests’ pictures and videos with well-timed posts and Tweets from your hotel. We’ll choose the social channels that best match your hotel guests’ interests, such as a dynamic Instagram page, Pinterest boards, and YouTube channel. This enables us to create effective, affordable travelogue adventures that guests can’t wait to join!

Monthly targeted email newsletters to entice past guests

A monthly email newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with your past guests while encouraging them to make a repeat visit. Our marketers will segment your subscriber lists so each of your guests receives content particularly suited to their activities, with included special time-dependent deals to add a sense of urgency. We can link each of your hotel email newsletters to custom designed landing pages, with dynamic calls to action for the best response.

Coordinated content marketing campaigns for the greatest impact

Once we create interesting content for your hotel, we make sure you get the most value from it by re-purposing it in a variety of formats. Quotes and stats from our detailed blogs will be turned into intriguing Tweets; short blurbs with associated pictures will be sent out as Facebook posts; and so on. This re-purposing helps us to create coordinated hotel content campaigns that pack a powerful marketing punch.

If you have time to invest in a content marketing strategy for your hotel, Travel Tech Strategies can get you set up and on your way. If you prefer to concentrate on running your hotel, you can hire our agency to take care of all your content marketing chores for you. Either way, you can count on us to walk you through every step of the content marketing process and then provide ongoing services and support to your hotel to ensure your online marketing success.

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