Hotel Social Media Marketing

Now that social media has become such a popular way for individuals and businesses to connect, hospitality industry experts have been proclaiming that social media is the future of hotel marketing. Actually, social media isn’t just the future of hotel marketing; it’s the now of hotel marketing. Growing numbers of travelers now engage with social media almost constantly throughout the day. Hotels that learn how to leverage this unprecedented access can find their business growing at an exponential rate.

Measuring the ROI of social media marketing

Sometimes hoteliers are reluctant to invest in social media marketing because measuring its ROI can be a bit difficult. It’s true that hotel social media strategies don’t always generate a lot of direct revenue, but they provide value in other ways. Hotel social media marketing focuses more on building your brand. It can help your hotel form deeper relationships with guests and become their number one destination. And as today’s  travelers focus on experiences rather than specific amenities, social marketing is proving to be the best way to immerse guests in the entire experience they will gain with a stay at your hotel.

Hotel social media marketing is definitely not a “set it and forget it” strategy. It requires constant monitoring and active participation on a daily basis. Some hoteliers haven’t launched a large-scale push to use social media to market their hotel because they are concerned that they don’t have the necessary time or social marketing expertise to run a successful campaign. If this description fits you, the marketers at Travel Tech Strategies can help. We can take care of all your hotel social media marketing chores – you just sit back and watch your guests’ engagement with your brand soar!

Using social media marketing to take control of your hotel’s reputation

Word of mouth has always been one of the most effective marketing tools for hotels. The hotel review sites that proliferate on social media are essentially word of mouth referrals – just in a digital format and with vastly wider reach. A recent study found that 81% of travelers find these user reviews important, and almost half (49%) of travelers won’t book a stay at a hotel that doesn’t have any reviews. The reviews these social media sites post are seen by millions of travelers around the world, giving hotels the opportunity to manage their reputation on a world-wide scale.

We can help you use hotel social media marketing to take control of your hotel’s reputation. It’s important to appear proactive by making a point to respond quickly and positively to reviews and comments, especially negative ones. We’ll set up alerts to monitor guest comments on Facebook, Twitter, and the major review sites, so you can respond within an hour of posts. Soon you’ll find guests using your hotel’s Twitter account as a customer service channel where they can make requests that they know will be swiftly met.  Your guests will appreciate the excellent service and you will position your hotel as a customer-service oriented establishment where guests are valued.

Engaging guests and building your brand with hotel social media marketing

The interactive nature of social media is its biggest draw for most users, who love to share their experiences with others. We will leverage this for your hotel by encouraging your guests to post pictures and comments from their stays on your Facebook wall, Twitter feed, and other social media pages. Just take a look at the types of social media marketing campaigns we can enact for your hotel:

Hotel social media marketing through Facebook

With 161 million active monthly users as of March 2016, Facebook has a marketing reach that can’t be beat. Travel Tech can create a vibrant Facebook presence for your hotel, so you can connect with guests to build your hotel’s brand and boost engagement. We’ll post several times every day, with intriguing content that incorporates photos and videos to up your posts’ appeal and popularity. We will present the right mix of photos of your hotel with shots of the luscious local scenery and pictures of your amenities such as the delectable desserts from your restaurant, libations from your bar, etc. interspersed with candid shots of guests enjoying your facility.

To make the most of Facebook’s interactive nature, our marketers can create running contests and promotions that require guest input, such as having guests post their favorite vacation pictures from your hotel and asking fans to vote for their favorites. Facebook is the perfect place to market the amenities you offer in addition to your lodgings, so we’ll coordinate with you to send out posts with discounts and special offers to entice visitors to sample your restaurant, salon, or spa services. This generates business for your amenities and also serves as a way to bring guests onto the premises so you can introduce them to your lodgings.

Hotel social media marketing with Twitter

Using Twitter’s 140-character “microblogging” format, Travel Tech Strategies can introduce prospective guests to all your hotel has to offer in short, easily digested snapshots of information. To ensure that your hotel’s Twitter campaigns achieve the widest marketing reach, we will incorporate gorgeous, eye-popping photos and video to accompany our Tweets. We’ll use trending #hashtags to focus interest as we Tweet glowing photos and enticing copy that gets guests excited about events happening in your hotel and your city, with links to event tickets as well as your booking engine. Since Twitter is such a fast-moving medium, we will be sure to schedule your posts when your followers are online.

Hotel social media marketing using YouTube

Video marketing on YouTube is rapidly becoming one of the most effective ways to use social media to promote a hotel. Travel Tech will harness the marketing might of YouTube for your hotel to help you reach a higher level of engagement with guests. We’ll begin by creating a dedicated YouTube channel that features your hotel’s logo and signature colors for a unified marketing message that really builds your brand. To ensure your hotel’s marketing message has the widest reach, our professional video staff can help you script, shoot, and optimize dynamic videos for search.

In addition to these hotel social marketing strategies, Travel Tech Strategies can also create a vibrant presence on whatever social media platform is used by the guests you want to reach. Options include Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and more. Call today to talk to one of our social marketing experts to start enjoying a higher level of engagement and brand awareness for your hotel.

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