Hotel Web Analytics

Are you overlooking a valuable resource that could be the key to your hotel’s online marketing success? If you are not using the data generated by your web marketing strategies, you’re throwing away a tool that could make your marketing efforts more effective than you ever thought possible. Every time travelers come into contact with a component of your hotel web marketing strategies, whether it is your website, social marketing post, email newsletter, or blog, they generate data that you can analyze and use to refine your marketing focus. It doesn’t matter whether they responded positively to a particular campaign or not; every encounter gives you valuable intelligence. Travel Tech Strategies can use hotel web analytics to decode this intelligence so you can use it to improve your marketing efforts.  We can mine big travel data to discover what content works, what words evoke the best response, and so on. To help you realize the incredible advantage that our web analytics can give your hotel, let’s take a closer look at how this data can be used to improve each component of your hotel web marketing strategies.

Hotel marketing strategy

The first step to creating effective marketing strategies for your hotel is to identify your target audience and their needs so you know how to focus your marketing efforts. Are you trying to attract business travelers? You will need to develop marketing strategies that extoll your safe, clean accommodations and attractive conference facilities. Perhaps you are focusing your marketing efforts on family travelers? Your marketing plan will focus on establishing your hotel as a fun place to vacation, highlighting your recreation amenities and shuttle service to top vacation entertainments. We can use web analytics to provide an in-depth look at who your target customers are based on their web behavior.  You can use this information to create detailed buyer personas for each segment you will be targeting with your hotel marketing strategies.

Hotel website

Using hotel web analytics we can discover what works on your website and what doesn’t, so you can make your copy more effective. Travel Tech Strategies can use advanced software to monitor your guests’ behavior when they are on your site, tracking their entire journey from the moment they reach your website until they leave. We’ll show you which page led them to your site, which pages they visited once they were there, how much time they spent on each page, and where they went when they left your website. These insights will help you see which pages you need to revise, where your copy needs to be more effective, and how to keep visitors more engaged. This information can also reveal where each visitor is in the trip planning process so you can concentrate your marketing efforts on travelers who are ready to book their reservations at your hotel.

Hotel blog

Using web analytics, we can monitor how your blogs are performing. Travel Tech Strategies can provide you with all the information you need to ramp up your blogs’ appeal. We will tell you which blogs are getting the most traffic, which ones are engaging visitors’ attention the longest, and which are generating the most actual leads. You can use this information to focus your blog topics and adjust your content to more tightly target prospective guests. As you apply analytics to guide your blogging efforts, you’ll discover you’re developing a more coherent brand for your hotel, which can in turn help you to generate more leads.

Hotel social marketing strategies

Web analytics allows Travel Tech Strategies to track your visitors’ interaction with your hotel social media marketing strategies. Once you know the types of posts that get the best response, you can use the information to improve your content’s appeal. Knowing the posting times that generate the most views gives you information you can use to come up with a posting schedule and content guide that will boost engagement and increase leads. Applying all the social marketing information we can glean through web analytics will help you turn your hotel’s Facebook posts, Tweets, and other social media posts into powerful lead-generating tools.

Hotel email marketing strategy

To help you make your hotel email marketing strategies more effective, we can combine information about your customers’ demographics, travel behavior, and their interaction with your other online marketing strategies to help you make informed decisions about what your guests really want. To supercharge your marketing efforts, we’ll incorporate intelligence gleaned from text from your guests’ emails, survey responses, and more. The intelligence we give you will allow you to create segmented email marketing lists that present your subscribers with offers that are specifically targeted to fulfil their travel requirements and generate more reservations for your hotel.

At Travel Tech Strategies, we are well-versed in hotel web analytics, able to extract information from your hotel’s web server logs, internet clickstream data, social network activity reports, and other critical information. Whether you are simply looking to make some of your hotel web marketing strategies more effective or need help creating a comprehensive web marketing strategy for your hotel, the team at Travel Tech Strategy can give you the marketing intelligence you need to find online marketing success.

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