9 Tips on How to Market Your Travel Business

how to market your travel businessLooking for ways to market your travel business effectively? Try these hot travel marketing tips!

When you have a charming boutique hotel or an independent hotel chain, figuring out the best ways to market your travel business is going to be a top priority. The large branded hotel chains and OTAs may have huge marketing budgets and major name recognition, but even the smallest boutique hotels can get noticed with the right marketing strategies in place. Whether you are just starting to market a new travel business or looking for ways to improve your existing strategies so they market your hotel more effectively, we have some tips that will help. Here are our top nine tips on how to market your travel business effectively.

Attract guests with a mobile-friendly website

Your hotel website serves as the heart of your online marketing strategies. Since the majority of today’s travelers use a smartphone or other mobile device when making travel plans, choosing a responsive hotel website design that adjusts to fit every online platform is your best bet. Mobile-friendliness is also one of Google’s ranking factors now, so upgrading to a responsive hotel website design will help your hotel gain a higher spot on searches.

Apply voice-first SEO strategies to get your hotel found

The widespread use of digital assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa has caused a major shift in hotel SEO strategies. In order to get found by travelers, hotels need to adopt voice-first SEO strategies that include the long-tail phrases used with verbal queries.

Use content marketing to drive traffic

Content marketing strategies are ideally suited to marketing hotels, as they allow you to connect with travelers in every demographic and age group. With blogging, social posts, videos, emails, and more, content marketing strategies provide a way to communicate the benefits of your lodgings to travelers.

Use PPC ads to boost bookings

Google AdWords and other PPC ads are highly effective if you are looking for a way to generate leads for your hotel in a hurry. Because these ads target travelers at the exact moment they are looking for lodgings, they are a great way to fill last-minute vacancies or publicize a special promotion. Pairing your PPC ads with dedicated landing pages will help you get the greatest ROI for your marketing spend.

Go social to connect with travelers

Establishing a strong social presence is a good idea for any travel business, because social media is one of the top resources that travelers turn to for destination inspiration. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are currently the top travel social networks, but there are many others you can choose. We recommend concentrating on just the two or three social networks that resonate most strongly with your guests.

Extend your marketing reach with paid social ads

As organic social reach declines, paid social ads are becoming one of the more important marketing strategies for hotel business. Paid social ads offer advanced targeting options that make them highly effective, and they are less costly than investing in Google AdWords or other PPC ads. Dynamic Facebook Ads for hotel in particular offer advanced hotel targeting options that are extremely helpful for reaching your target demographic.

Reward guests with a social media loyalty program

Creating a loyalty rewards program using social media is one of our favorite hotel marketing ideas, because this marketing gift just keeps on giving. A hotel social media loyalty program will introduce your travel business to prospective guests, entice casual travelers to join your reward program and increase their stays, and your hotel will realize an increase in bookings from loyalty members who are eager to earn rewards!

Use email offers to drive repeat bookings

A monthly email newsletter is a great way for your travel business to stay connected with past guests. Segment your subscriber lists to deliver targeted email promotions specifically geared to suit each group, with special room rates for families, romantic weekend getaways for couples, and more.

Hire a travel marketing professional

If all these tips on how to market your travel business sound too time-consuming to fit into your busy schedule, you may want to hire a dedicated travel marketing agency like Travel Tech Strategies. Our hotel marketing gurus can provide you with everything you need to market your hotel effectively, including expert content creation services, video marketing services, monthly social marketing packages, and more to get your boutique hotel the notice it deserves.

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