Hotel Email Marketing

Have you ever wanted to harness the email marketing power that the top hotels enjoy? Of course you have! Email newsletters are some of the most cost-effective, efficient marketing campaigns that hotels can use to engage customers. An interesting, monthly email newsletter is a great way to develop the long-term relationships with your hotel’s customers that will turn them into dedicated guests that return to stay at your lodgings year after year. You can use email to gather additional information about your guests´ preferences, through the use of surveys and feedback forms, so you can make your hotel more appealing to your current and prospective guests. At Travel Tech Strategies, we’ve taken the email marketing techniques developed by the most highly successful hotel chains and refined them for your use. We’ve kept the best qualities, thrown away anything that doesn’t work on a smaller scale, and tweaked these hotel email marketing strategies so they are the best marketing fit for boutique hotels and independent chains.

Building your hotel email subscriber list

Before you can put these hotel email marketing strategies into effect, you will need to build up your database of email subscribers. Your hotel’s email subscriber list is one of the most valuable marketing assets you have. It allows you to send out newsletters to cultivate your current and past guests, giving you a way to remain top of mind without being intrusive. Segment your hotel subscriber list, and you can send out targeted promotions through email and keep your room rate up even during your slow season. Travel Tech Strategies can utilize a variety of marketing strategies to help you collect a large pool of subscribers:

We’ll incentivize your guests to join your list

We’ll give your guests a reason to join your hotel email subscriber list with a series of enticing promotions. Options include members-only promotional rates, travel tips and insights, even special features on area hot spots, and discounts or freebies at your on-site restaurant or local popular hot spot.

Use social media to gain more subscribers

Travel Tech Strategies’ social media marketers can post interesting snippets from your hotel´s email newsletter on Facebook to generate interest among your followers, and include a link to your email signup form. We’ll also Tweet intriguing titles from your newsletter, and our professional blog writers can include a link at the bottom of your blogs to tempt readers with an offer to deliver more articles directly to their inbox.

Leverage your existing email list

If you already have an email list, we’ll put it to work to generate more subscribers.  We’ll start by sending out a “Friends and Family” promotion that offers current subscribers the chance to gain a discounted room rate for themselves and their chosen contacts. Subscribers simply forward their email to the contacts they think would be interested. Once recipients take advantage of the offer, your original subscriber is credited with the discounted rate for the promotional period.  Correctly used, this email hotel marketing strategy hits a marketing home run:  you´ll see a rise in return stays, generate more subscribers for your email list, and introduce new guests to your hotel.

Add opt-in opportunities on your hotel website

Travelers do a lot of ¨window shopping¨ before finally selecting their hotel. Sprinkling opt-in forms for a discounted stay throughout your website will not only grow your hotel´s subscriber list, it is a good way to capture these browsing researchers and incentivize them to stay at your establishment. Our marketers can experiment with a variety of different form types to see which generates the best response.

Once your email subscriber list is built up, we’ll use big data to segment it according to demographics, prior stays, and other factors. Once we identify your subscriber sections, our marketers can ramp up your hotel email marketing efforts with attractive, well-written newsletters that incorporate the latest trends in hotel email marketing strategies. Travel Tech’s email newsletters have everything it takes to grab recipients’ attention and get them to click on your offers:

Attention-grabbing email subject lines

The subject line of your hotel’s emails is the first critical hurdle, where you have to entice readers into opening your email. At Travel Tech, we’ve perfected the art of creating vivid, attention-grabbing email subject lines that tempt recipients to click.

Professional, high quality graphic design

With the large volume of emails that consumers now receive, a standard email that just features a decorative border and one or two photos is not going to get noticed. We’ll craft your hotel’s next email campaign as carefully as if it were a print campaign with national distribution, incorporating high quality graphic designs that grab readers’ attention. You will be amazed at the rise in-click through rates that you can generate with a professional graphic design.

Mobile-friendly email designs

Most emails are now opened using a smartphone, tablet, or other mobile device. All of our email newsletters are mobile-friendly so they perform perfectly on every device.

Emotionally evocative photos

The hotel email campaigns that we create typically feature at least two professionally-shot photos. We’ll combine beautifully framed shots of your hotel accommodations with photos of family members enjoying vacation activities in your area, gorgeous location shots, and more. We’ll choose and assemble the photos for each newsletter, coordinating the displays to evoke the desired emotional response.

Time-dependent offers

When finances are tight, guests may be tempted to put email offers from your hotel aside to redeem at a more fiscally secure time. We’ll help you circumvent this tendency by including special offers that are time-dependent so subscribers need to act on their emails right away.

Special package discounts

It’s a good idea to include some form of discount, special deal, or other special promotion only available to your email recipients. We can mine the big data from your social marketing strategies to find out what your guests would most like to receive, then help you craft promotions that are particularly suited to each demographic. Using your segmented email subscriber list, we will deliver your offers to the exact guests who crave those particular promotions the most!

Prominent “Book Now” buttons

At Travel Tech Strategies, we make sure your email marketing strategies stay firmly focused on the goal of getting recipients to book a stay. We don’t dilute the effectiveness of your emails with confusing calls to action – instead we design them with a single, prominent BOOK NOW action button. By sticking with this single call to action, we ensure that your marketing efforts are not wasted by diverting guests into non-revenue generating activities.

Direct funneling into reservation engine

When recipients click the “BOOK NOW” button on your hotel emails, they will be taken directly you’re your reservation engine. We will incorporate opportunities to learn further details about the packages and offers into dedicated, custom landing pages so your visitors can explore their options all in one spot. This direct approach means visitors won’t have to wade through additional pages to book a stay, lessening the percentage of abandoned bookings.

Hotel email marketing strategies can go a long way towards building a large family of loyal guests who will return to your lodgings for years to come. When you are ready to use this powerful marketing tool to grow your hotel business, call on Travel Tech Strategies.

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