Hotel Facebook Advertising

Now that OTAs are dominating the top spots in search engine results, hotels need to develop other online marketing strategies that will put them front and center with prospective guests. PPC strategies like Google AdWords are one possibility, but the OTAs have driven up the price of most hotel-industry keywords high enough that outbidding their efforts may eat up more of your marketing budget than you’re willing to spend. Other internet marketing strategies such as web marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing can definitely help drive engagement and promote your hotel, but they don’t have the immediacy that allows you to market to prospective guests at the exact moment they are searching for hotel rooms.  If you’re looking for an effective alternative to traditional search engine marketing strategies for your Hotel Facebook advertising may be the perfect solution.

If you haven’t added Facebook Ads to your hotel PPC strategies already, you’re overlooking an incredibly powerful marketing tool that could allow you to target prospective guests more precisely than any marketing strategy you’ve ever tried before. Here’s what makes Facebook advertising so effective for hotels: It’s no secret that Facebook users generate an incredible amount of data –people share all of the details of their public and private lives with their friends on the social network.  Practically everything that makes someone unique, from their important life milestones to their likes, dislikes, purchases, and interactions with brands pass through a person’s Facebook timeline. Facebook doesn’t let all that information go to waste – it lets advertisers like your hotel put the intelligence to use to create incredibly targeted promotions with Facebook Ads.

Precisely targeted hotel ads

With Facebook Ads, you can target your hotel’s marketing messages according to demographics, shopping history, browsing behavior, and more. You can even choose who sees your ads according to their life milestones, upcoming events, and future plans. While this might give privacy advocates a definite chill, from the marketing standpoint of your hotel, Facebook Advertising is a promotional dream. In addition to this enhanced access to customer preferences, Facebook Ads offer another benefit that other PPC strategies like Google AdWords simply cannot touch – it even allows you to show your ads to customers who are not specifically seeking your services. With Facebook Advertising hotels can choose who sees their ads according to a number of different criteria. And you don’t have to choose just one of the following divisions – you can continue to add on conditions to narrow your ads’ focus.

Enhanced engagement

Because Facebook Ads are so specifically targeted, you’re not bidding directly against the OTAs like you would be with Google AdWords or other hotel PPC strategies. You’re also getting to market to travelers in a forum that invites input from respected sources. Since your ads are placed directly on your prospects’ Facebook pages, your target audience is already interacting with their friends and family in a social forum when they encounter your ads.  If your ad sparks interest in your hotel, this setting encourages the eager travelers to share with their friends. When friends and followers add their comments and approval, you gain what amounts to personal recommendations of your hotel. Those likes and “thumb ups” add a significant boost to your marketing efforts – after all, Google’s landmark Travelers’ Road to Decision survey found that 62% of travelers said their friends, family, and colleagues are important sources of travel inspiration.

If you’re not a fan of Facebook, or you’d rather concentrate on running your hotel, the marketers at Travel Tech Strategies can handle every step of your hotel Facebook advertising strategies for you. We’ll create highly effective, narrowly-focused campaigns designed to advance your hotel’s marketing goals. Here’s a look at what your hotel Facebook advertising strategies can be when you leave the marketing chores to us….

We’ll assess and incorporate your marketing goals

We’ll assess your customers to find out who your primary targets should be for each campaign, and then we’ll put that information into action to build your Facebook marketing campaign. We’ll take all the intelligence we glean from your hotel marketing strategies and use it to create tightly targeted advertising campaigns for your Facebook strategies. Facebook allows you to choose the marketing goals you are trying to achieve through your ads, so Travel Tech Strategies will work with you to determine exactly what you want your marketing efforts to yield, whether you primarily want to build your brand, heighten engagement, raise your booking rate, etc.

Precisely target your prospective guests

We’ll make use of Facebook’s options to target your ideal customers for each of your hotel ad campaigns, segmenting them by a variety of criteria. Facebook gives advertisers access to a full roster of demographic information, including generation, relationship status, financial situation, and more. You can add in upcoming life events. Just as you segment your subscriber list to make your email newsletters more personal and relevant, we’ll use these categories to create Facebook Ads that are precisely created to appeal to prospective guests.

Devise highly relevant offers

Just imagine how relevant and timely your hotel advertising promotions can become! You can market romantic weekend getaway specials to couples with upcoming Wedding Anniversaries. Offer special two-day stays to families who have High School Seniors who will be travelling for college tours. The marketing possibilities are endless.

Create compelling hotel Facebook ads

To encourage travelers to follow through with your hotel Facebook Ads, we’ll create compelling copy that encourages prospective guests to click. Our talented graphic designers can create custom landing pages for your Facebook ads that include an unmistakable call to action to generate more conversions. And we’ll track the success of your ads through analytics, constantly refining your Facebook ad strategies to make them as effective as possible.

When you’re ready to give hotel Facebook advertising a try, contact Travel Tech Strategies. Our marketing experts can help you set up your Facebook advertising account so you can begin using this powerful marketing tool on your own. Or you can leave all your Facebook marketing chores to our dedicated marketers – all you have to do is relax and enjoy the increase in your hotel bookings!

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