Hotel Web Design

Is your hotel website design desperately in need of an upgrade? When you first launched your hotel website, you probably made sure it featured an eye-catching design, useful features, and state of the art technology to ensure it attracted travelers.  Internet standards rapidly evolve, however, and an outdated site that doesn’t conform to current search standards may be costing you bookings at an exponential rate. Google’s 2014 Travel Study found that 57% of leisure travelers and 64% of business travelers began their travel planning using online searches. That means that if your hotel website performs poorly in searches, a majority of the travelers to your area may not even be aware that lodging with you is an option!

The simple, one-size-fits-all websites that many companies use to establish their online presence are not going to work well for your hotel, however. There are a number of hospitality-specific functions that you need to include in your hotel web design to capture the attention of today’s digitally-attuned travelers.   Travel Tech Strategies is well-versed in creating websites for hotels, so we can seamlessly incorporate the industry-specific functionality you need to offer your guests.

Responsive hotel web design

Today’s travelers demand the on-the-go convenience of hotel websites that they can access from anywhere at any time, whether they are in an airport, at work, or browsing on their tablet at home. The importance of mobile travel websites cannot be overstated – Google’s 2014 Travel Study found that 83% of travelers have an encountered website that was not mobile-friendly and only 23% of those travelers actually pushed through. Can you afford to lose all those customers? The responsive hotel web designs that Travel Tech creates ensure that travelers have a flawless experience on every device. Every element is designed to work perfectly no matter how it is accessed.

All of the key website elements, including fonts and images, automatically adjust so they are easy to view regardless of screen size, and the viewports resize to fit the width of devices so no side-to-side scrolling is necessary. Website functions are accessible by touch on our hotel websites, with easy-to-use navigation buttons that work well with thumbs. And all of Travel Tech’s hotel websites feature device-agnostic design, so your new responsive hotel website will not need to be updated anytime soon. It doesn’t matter what the next generation of devices turns out to be, because our web designs seamlessly accommodate new screened devices as they are developed.

Hotel reservation booking engine

In the highly competitive hospitality industry, it can be difficult for independent hotels to retain control of their brand. Expedia, Priceline, and the other large OTAs are now firmly entrenched and responsible for a large percentage of most hotels’ bookings, and many hotel owners are finding it difficult to steer guests back to their branded website to book their stays. If you’re trying to figure out how to increase direct bookings through your hotel website, here’s a hint: start with our robust booking engine that will encourage guests to book their own stay.

Your guests will love Travel Tech Strategies’ powerful booking engine, which comes with simple to use booking features and a clear-cut design that is easy to navigate. We’ll make it as easy as possible for guests to book their stay through your hotel website by prominently featuring a link to your booking engine on every page so no one ever has to search through your site to reserve a room. Our hotel booking engine is designed to minimize last minute booking abandonment, with an on-site link to map function that allows guests to get hotel directions without leaving your site. Optional pop-up windows with special offers work to keep guests from leaving to find discounted room prices. To encourage repeat guest bookings, we’ll include dynamic booking forms that auto-fill as much of the form fields as possible, so that returning guests and members of your Rewards program have an abbreviated process to complete. To complete your hotel’s booking process, Travel Tech reminds guests of their upcoming stay through automatic confirmation of reservations via follow-up text or email.

Hotel SEO strategies to boost search performance

To help your hotel web design gain the highest possible visibility in online searches, Travel Tech’s website design team will make sure all of the content on your hotel website follows the best SEO-ready (search engine optimization) practices. We will research the latest trending hospitality industry search terms and add them in the correct density and positions on your webpages. We’ll include long-tail keywords and keyword phrases that sound like verbal questions to raise your site’s mobile search performance, and optimize your images and videos. With all of the crucial elements of your hotel website working to raise your search rank, you can ensure that you will gain the best SERP position possible.

Easy-to-update hotel blog

We include a hotel blog to provide you with a great way to keep your website up to date with the latest trending hospitality industry keywords. All our hotel web designs are created using WordPress, so posting blogs is as simple as using your favorite word processing program. As an added boost to your website’s visibility, your weekly or biweekly hotel blog can help you attract new guests while keeping the monster search engines happy by constantly adding new, fresh content for them to index.

Integrated links to social sharing platforms

To build a large customer base, you need to leverage hotel social media marketing so you can reach new customers, engage existing ones, and build the type of brand loyalty that turns a casual visitor into a dedicated fan. Our hotel web designs include integrated links to the major social sharing platforms to make it easier for you to reach your desired demographics.

Website traffic analytics

The truism “knowledge is power” certainly applies to the hotel industry – the more information you have about your website visitors, the better you will be able to craft marketing strategies that target their specific interests. At Travel Tech Strategies, we’re well aware of the power of travel analytics. We’ve earned our reputation as a forward-thinking market leader by providing the travel industry with in-depth Big Data analysis in a clear, simple to understand format that hotel owners can easily apply to improve their online marketing success.

When you are ready to update your hotel web design, call on Travel Tech Strategies. As a dedicated hotel marketing agency, we have the resources and expertise to create a responsive hotel web design that is packed with features to help you increase direct bookings and regain control of your hotel brand.

Travel Tech Strategies is a forward-thinking market leader providing the travel industry with in-depth Big Data analysis