Hotel PPC Strategies

If you are looking for an affordable, cost-effective marketing tool for your hotel, PPC strategies should top your list. The hospitality industry has become highly competitive, especially for boutique hotels and independent hotel chains that lack the marketing might of the large international hotel chains. The greatest competition your hotel faces when trying to gain the attention of online searchers is not from other hotels, however, it is from the large OTAs that now dominate the top spots in hotel-related search results. As a result of the OTAs’ aggressive marketing tactics, PPC campaigns for hotels have become more expensive and challenging than in the past. Even with the higher rates of today, hotel PPC strategies remain one of the more effective hotel marketing strategies, especially if you want to see a fast result from your marketing efforts. Because PPC ads like Google AdWords and Bing Ads target prospective guests at the exact moment they are searching for information about hotel rooms, you may be able to achieve a greater ROI than with other online hotel marketing strategies.

Hotel PPC strategies are ideal for you if you have a limited marketing budget, because you can set the exact amount you want to spend per click, and start and stop the campaign whenever you wish. You are only charged when someone clicks on your ad or calls you. There’s no ongoing commitment – once you reach your set spending limit, your ads will simply stop running, without any additional costs to be considered. If you have a skilled marketer helping to carefully manage and monitor PPC strategies for your hotel, these tactics can help you gain an amazingly wide marketing reach. At Travel Tech Strategies, our marketing experts can help you with every step of your hotel PPC strategies.  We’ll employ every possible technique to increase your ads’ effectiveness so you can realize the greatest marketing reach with the best ROI for your efforts. Just look at everything Travel Tech Strategies can do to make your hotel PPC strategies more effective:

Budget allocation

We will assess your marketing goals and the amount you have to spend on all your campaigns to help you allocate your PPC budget. We’ll help you decide how much you want to allocate to each search engine (Google, Bing, etc.), and each campaign. We will reassess your marketing allocation as the results of each campaign come in to maximize your returns.

Location and languages

Travel Tech can help you determine your target customers, and then set up the appropriate parameters for each of your PPC campaigns. You can set your ad to be seen around the state, across the country, or around the world, in a variety of languages. Are you trying to attract locals to indulge in a romantic weekend getaway? Maybe you want to focus on attracting world travelers to stay at your hotel. Whether you’re looking to target business or leisure travelers, we’ll work from your target demographics to find the most effective PPC strategies to achieve your marketing goals.

Keyword research

PPC strategies are powered by keywords, so choosing the right keyword will play a huge role in determining the success of your campaigns. The OTAs have thrown so much money into hotel PPC strategies that the cost of standard keywords related to the hotel industry, such as “Fort Lauderdale Hotels”, have skyrocketed to a price most small hotels simply cannot afford. That’s all right – Travel Tech’s marketers are experienced at getting around these seemingly impenetrable marketing barriers with a mix of local hotel keywords and terms that will reach prospective guests for a lower cost.

Negative keywords

One of the ways to keep down costs and make your PPC ads more effective is through the use of negative keywords. For example, by including “jobs” and “complaints” as negative keywords in your campaigns, we can help eliminate the expense of irrelevant clicks, such as those from job seekers.

Targeting methods

We’ll use the latest targeting methods to ensure your ads are reaching the exact audience you’re trying to reach. We can employ the full range of targeting criteria, including demographics, interests, and more.


If you want to run a more tightly targeted campaign, we can use geo-targeting so your ad will only be shown to prospective guests who are searching for a hotel in your immediate vicinity. We can set the parameters for an area as small as a mile or as large as a state.

Effective Ad copy

Our copywriters are well versed in creating concise, compelling Ad copy to entice prospective guests to click the ad and check out your hotel. We’ll incorporate the right keywords in copy that brings your hotel experience to vivid life in a minimum of words.

Custom landing pages

Often, the key to conversions is an eye-catching landing page that leads prospective guests to book a stay. Our graphic artists can create custom landing pages with dynamic calls to action that do a fabulous job of generating reservations.

Ad scheduling

Once your ads have been running for a while, we’ll be able to identify any times that generate a lot of clicks or calls to your hotel but few actual bookings. We can then use ad scheduling to pause your campaigns during these spend-draining times.

Analytics to track, monitor, and measure ROI

To ensure that your PPC strategies are doing the best possible job of marketing your hotel, Travel Tech Strategies will use a full array of analytic tools to track and monitor your ads’ performance. We will keep track of the click through and conversion rates of various keywords and adjust them as needed to make sure you continue to get the greatest ROI for your hotel PPC strategies.

If you would like to try PPC strategies to market your hotel, call on Travel Tech Strategies. Our marketing experts will be delighted to help you with every step of developing strong hotel PPC strategies to build your brand as you generate reservations from guests across town and around the world.

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