Hotel Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing strategies have become increasingly important for the hospitality and travel industry over the past few years, and recent studies confirm that trend is set to continue. As worldwide mobile device usage has skyrocketed, mobile has moved into first place as consumers’ primary media resource. Consumers are now using their mobile devices for everything related to travel, from investigating travel destinations to shopping for vacations and booking hotels. Hotel owners are finding the effectiveness of mobile to reach their customers is rapidly overtaking other avenues of digital advertising.  To keep connected with guests in this new digital age, you need to find ways to leverage the success of mobile marketing strategies to grow your hotel business.

Mobile marketing gives you a way to connect with your hotel guests whenever and wherever they are. Your guests bring their mobile devices with them everywhere they go – in fact, Trip Advisor’s 2015 Travel Report found that smartphones are the number one item that 75% of guests say they have to have with them when they travel. This constant connection means that you have a tremendous opportunity to differentiate your hotel by adjusting your mobile marketing strategies to provide added value before, during, and after travelers’ stay. Travel Tech Strategies can help you learn how to use mobile marketing to promote your hotel, focusing on marketing strategies that will set your hotel apart. Our expert marketers will help you adjust your mobile marketing strategies so you can exceed your guests’ expectations and build the solid brand loyalty so crucial to your hotel’s success.

Putting hotel mobile marketing strategies to use

Once you have a firm grasp of the effectiveness of mobile marketing strategies to reach travelers, the issue shifts to which mobile marketing method you should choose: mobile hotel website or mobile hotel app?  Actually, for the most effective mobile marketing, you should choose both. Each has its own strengths that serve different marketing needs.

Mobile marketing with a responsive web design

A travel survey by MCD revealed that 70% of travelers say that a hotel’s website and app impact their decision to book a stay. At Travel Tech Strategies we use responsive hotel web design for all our clients’ websites so the sites perform perfectly on all mobile devices, no matter what makes and models your guests use. Navigation features are easy to access with thumbs; video, photos, and text automatically resize for optimum usability; and every page automatically resizes to fit each device’s view screen so visitors don’t have to scroll from side to side to view your whole site. Having a mobile-friendly responsive web design will also help improve your hotels’ online visibility, because Google prefers this format and actually assigns a higher position in search results to responsive websites.

Travel Tech Strategies will make sure your mobile website has an easy to access structure so consumers can find all pertinent information quickly and easily. We’ll incorporate a user-friendly booking engine so guests can make their reservation directly from your site, and we can even build in geo-location advertising services for the best response. Cornell Hospitality’s 2015 Mobile Innovations Survey found that 80% of travelers use their smartphones to look for activities and things to do during their stay. We can help you take full advantage of this opportunity to use mobile marketing by helping you turn your website into the go-to resource for information on happenings in your area. We’ll help you create neighborhood pages that feature short, informative videos of local attractions and activities, with a connected booking engine so guests can make reservations for those attractions directly through your website.

Mobile marketing with a branded hotel app

Once visitors have discovered your hotel website, you can encourage them to download your branded mobile hotel app. The best way to do this is to provide a unique functionality that makes your app inherently valuable. Consumers now spend over 85% of their time on smartphones using native applications, according to a new Forrester Research study. This focus on apps means that with the right approach, branded mobile hotel apps have the potential to become some of the most successful mobile marketing strategies for hotels. However, guests are only going to use your hotel app if it significantly enhances their stay in some way.

Travel Tech Strategies can help you meet this need by adding time-saving features for guests, functions that make your guests’ stays more convenient, and valuable functionalities that guests just can’t find anywhere else. Our app developers can create an app for your hotel that offers the top services that travelers are looking for, including hyper-local location technology, local information, direct hotel staff access, check-in/check-out functionality, reservations, special deals, and more. We’ll build a robust list of standard concierge services into your hotel’s branded app, such as early check-in and late check-out times, the ability to request specific hotel amenities, and room service ordering. We can even take your app up a notch by adding in additional off-site concierge capabilities, such as having the valet retrieve your guests’ cars, taxi scheduling features, and access to translation services.

Mobile hotel ads and geo-location advertising services are other mobile marketing strategies that are proving to be quite effective for hotels. The marketers at Travel Tech Strategies can create a customized mobile marketing strategy for your hotel that combines all three to develop an unbeatable mobile hotel marketing campaign.

As a dedicated hotel mobile marketing agency, Travel Tech Strategies has the in-depth hospitality industry knowledge and advanced mobile marketing skills to create effective mobile marketing strategies for your hotel. We’ll provide you with everything you need to put mobile marketing to work for your hotel, including a responsive hotel website design, fully functional mobile hotel app, and more to ensure your hotel’s ongoing success.


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