Has Your Boutique Hotel Marketing Strategy Fallen Flat?

boutique hotel marketing strategy5 steps to take your boutique hotel marketing strategy from flat to fab

If your boutique hotel marketing strategy has fallen flat, we have some fixes that can help. Creating effective marketing strategies for boutique hotels and independent chains can be challenging.

Competing with larger hotel chains and online travel agencies who have huge marketing budgets and world-wide brand recognition can seem like an impossible task, but there are ways to turn seeming disadvantages to your benefit. By focusing on the very qualities that make your hotel unique, you can give your failing boutique hotel marketing strategies new life. To help your hotel marketing efforts succeed, here are five fixes that will help you turn your boutique hotel marketing strategy from falling flat into a fabulous success.

Discover your USP (unique selling point)

If you are trying to compete with the large hotel chains in the areas where they are the strongest, such as name recognition, your marketing efforts are certain to fall flat. Instead, focus your efforts on promoting the unique experience that travelers can only find at your hotel.

Your hotel may have a single, strong USP or several areas of selling strength.  Your USP may be your fantastic location near a popular beach, or proximity to a sports complex or natural attraction. Maybe you have a star chef in your restaurant, an extensive wine cellar, and attentive staff that provide exceptional service. Discovering your USPs will help you to focus your marketing message.

Create separate marketing campaigns for each USP

One of the marketing mistakes hotel owners make is trying to cram everything about their hotel into a single marketing campaign. This can lead to confusing marketing messages that are easy to overlook. Once you determine your USPs, develop creative marketing ideas for each one. This allows you to highlight everything your hotel offers while keeping your marketing strategies tightly focused so they don’t fall flat.

Develop creative marketing strategies that fit your customers and USPs

The most effective hotel marketing strategies are those that are designed to fit both your customers and your USPs. You will need to figure out the best promotion method to reach your target customers. Here are a few of our favorite creative marketing ideas for hotels to get you started:

  • Feature your location with a video travelogue that showcases local attractions, surrounding scenery, and area entertainments.
  • Attract foodies with a multi-pronged social marketing strategy. Pin shots of tempting cuisine on Pinterest, deliver fast recipes on Facebook, and Tweet your chef’s best food tips on Twitter.
  • Promote your spa with an email Wellness newsletter filled with healthy tips and discounts for spa specials and mini-getaways
  • Offer loyalty rewards through your social marketing networks to keep current customers happy and attract new travelers who want to join in the fun

Reward guests for sharing

Social media is one of the top sources of travel inspiration. That means you can give your hotel marketing strategies a big boost by turning satisfied customers into social ambassadors for your boutique brand. Offering small rewards such as free desserts is a great way to encourage guests to share their genuine thoughts on their hotel experience on social media.

Have patience and stay consistent

One of the reasons that marketing strategies for hotels and resorts fall flat is because owners don’t stick with the strategies long enough for them to fully develop. Marketing strategies for hotels and resorts typically take several months before they begin to show significant returns. Instead of experimenting with different branding strategies or switching marketing campaigns every few months, develop a 12-month hotel marketing plan and stay your course.

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