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Has Your Boutique Hotel Marketing Strategy Fallen Flat?

5 steps to take your boutique hotel marketing strategy from flat to fab If your boutique hotel marketing strategy has fallen flat, we have some fixes that can help. Creating effective marketing strategies for boutique hotels and independent chains can be challenging. Competing with larger hotel chains and online travel agencies who have huge marketing…

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4 Boutique Hotel Marketing Tips

How to get guests to notice and choose your boutique hotel Are you searching for hotel marketing tips to help your boutique hotel stand out from the competition? Just as all boutique hotels are not alike, their marketing needs are also not the same. If your boutique hotel is in an exclusive location, has an…

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Marketing Ideas for Boutique Hotels

3 mobile first marketing ideas for boutique hotels Is your boutique hotel ready for the summer mobile booking bump? Criteo’s 2016 Travel Flash Report revealed that the share of mobile travel bookings rose dramatically in the early summer months last year, increasing by a whopping 21 percent between April and July.  The same increased booking…

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