4 Boutique Hotel Marketing Tips

boutique hotel marketingHow to get guests to notice and choose your boutique hotel

Are you searching for hotel marketing tips to help your boutique hotel stand out from the competition? Just as all boutique hotels are not alike, their marketing needs are also not the same. If your boutique hotel is in an exclusive location, has an intriguing history, or occupies a unique niche in the marketplace, you can use hotel marketing strategies to highlight the special, one of a kind experience your hotel offers guests. If your boutique hotel is in a location where you have to compete against other boutique hotels and larger chains, you need to use hotel marketing strategies a little differently. We have put together some top boutique hotel marketing tips that will help prospective guests notice and choose your hotel for their next vacation.

Use blogging to focus on your strengths

Blogging can be a highly effective hotel marketing strategy for boutique hotels. When travelers are searching for lodgings in popular destinations, they look for the ideal balance of location, convenience, and price that meets their needs. Use blogs to play up your strengths while addressing concerns indirectly. Take beach locations for example. Your boutique hotel may offer clean, affordable lodgings that are located a short distance from the center of activities on the beach.  Write a series of blogs on activities that are just a short Lyft or Uber away. If your hotel features lodgings for travelers on a budget, feature blogs about free or low cost activities guests can enjoy.

Create a social media travelogue to help travelers plan their vacation

This is one of our favorite creative marketing ideas for hotels because it builds on something your guests already love to do – show off the fabulous time they are having on their trip! 84% of Millennials and 74% of non-Millennials are likely to plan a trip based on someone else’s travel photos or social media updates, according to SiteMinder’s 2017 Social Media Playbook. You can harness this marketing insight dsby creating an Instagram account where guests can post pictures of their favorite moments from their vacation, with a free dessert or other reward for each day’s best shot. Use the description to fill in details, and you have a winning travelogue that guests can use to plan their own trip.

Use video to spice up your social media posts

Adding video to your social media posts is a great way to make your hotel marketing strategies more effective. Spruce up your tweets and Facebook posts with short video clips of the beach, forest, poolside fun, or city scenes – whatever guests are missing by not remind guests of the fun times they could be enjoying at your hotel.

Stay on top of hotel reviews

76% of travelers consider reviews when booking a stay at a hotel. Reviews are especially important for boutique hotels, because you are trying to attract travelers without the benefit of offering a recognized brand that delivers a known experience. Even negative reviews can be turned to your advantage if you use the chance to show you will go the extra mile to resolve issues. Develop a set policy for dealing with reviews, and make sure you respond quickly (within 3 hours is preferred) and positively.

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