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4 Ways to Improve Your Hotel Marketing Strategy

How to use data mining: 4 ways to improve your hotel marketing strategy using guest intelligence Are you mining guest data to refine your hotel marketing strategy? If you aren’t using information about your guests to improve your hotel marketing strategy, you are letting a valuable resource slip through your fingers. Data mining may sound…

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6 Hotel SEO Strategy Tips

6 tips to develop a hotel SEO strategy for 2017 and beyond If your efforts to get your hotel noticed online have fallen flat recently, it may be time to update your hotel SEO strategy to bring it in line with current standards. Google is constantly updating its algorithm to make sure searchers are presented…

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4 Boutique Hotel Marketing Tips

How to get guests to notice and choose your boutique hotel Are you searching for hotel marketing tips to help your boutique hotel stand out from the competition? Just as all boutique hotels are not alike, their marketing needs are also not the same. If your boutique hotel is in an exclusive location, has an…

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Hotel Marketing Ideas

2 Easy Time-Saving Ways to Market Your Independent Hotel  What were you planning to do today to market your hotel? Did you have any plans to address marketing at all? If you’re the hands-on owner of an independent hotel, you’re probably busy from the time you set foot on your property until the time you…

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Best Online Marketing Strategies for Small Hotels

5 effective ways to promote your boutique hotel Travelers today are looking for unique, experience-driven adventures, presenting the perfect opportunity for smaller boutique hotels to shine. Boutique hotels can provide the personalized experience so sought after by travelers, imbuing their stay with a warmth and charm that the larger brand-name hotels and institutionalized resort chains…

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