Hotel Video Marketing

Looking for a way to make your hotel stand out from the rest? Video marketing could be the key to capturing guests’ attention and establishing your hotel’s brand.

Video is rapidly becoming the preferred method of accessing information on the web, across all age groups and demographic divides.

It probably comes as no surprise that 95% of 16-34 year olds are watching videos online, according to Global Web Index’s 2016 Social Marketing Report. You may not be aware of the vast appeal that video holds for other age groups, however. Consumers 55-64 years old, the oldest demographic included in GWI’s landmark study, are also watching video in record numbers – 8 out of 10 of this key demographic are engaging with videos online.

In recognition of the compelling popularity of video, it seems that everyone is expanding their use of this dynamic medium. Social media platforms from Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat, and more are all expanding their video functionality. Wyzowl’s 2016 State of Video Marketing Survey found that 91% of businesses say they plan to increase or maintain their spending on video in 2016.

Can your hotel afford to bypass video marketing when it has such a universal appeal?

To keep pace with the evolving marketing standards and attract the attention of prospective guests, you are going to need to incorporate video into your online hotel marketing strategies.

There is virtually no limit to the ways you can promote your hotel with video marketing – you can showcase the beauty of your lodgings and the surrounding environs; give guests an up-close and personal tour of local attractions; even turn your hotel into a happening hotspot by creating your own versions of popular travel shows.

Creating winning hotel marketing videos is not as easy as simply pointing the camera and recording, however. In order to create the high quality videos that will allow your hotel to effectively compete on the national stage, you need to plan, develop, and execute your videos in a professional manner.

Travel Tech Strategies can help you with every part of your video marketing strategy.  We’ll handle all the work involved in developing your videos from initial concept through finished promotion, effectively executing every stage of your video strategy including planning and shooting your videos, optimizing, publishing, and promoting them. Just look at all you get when you engage our comprehensive hotel video marketing services:

Concept: Initial hotel video script planning and creative services

Every winning hotel video starts with a script. While you may do a fabulous job of showcasing the best features of your establishment when guests come to your hotel, conveying your property’s best side through a video is a bit different. Our professional team will help you choose a cohesive concept for each of your videos, then prepare an engaging script to make sure you hit all the important points without leaving anything out. We’ll help you refine your talking points so everything is conveyed in an appealing way that will keep guests interested.

Planning: Storyboarding services to plot your hotel video

Once the concept is set for your video, we’ll use style frames and story boarding to bring it to life. Storyboards are graphic representations of the action that will be in your hotel video. Much like the illustrations in a comic book or graphic novel, video storyboards show where all the characters and elements will be in the video shots, along with any dialogue. This helps your video flow much better, so there are no awkward gaps in dialogue and action. This is particularly helpful with walk-though videos for your hotel as it enables you to keep interest high throughout as you move from feature to feature.

Execution: Expert video production services for professional quality hotel videos

Our professional videographers have the skill, talent, and experience to shoot your hotel in a way that will present your accommodations in the very best possible light. They know how to showcase the features that will set your hotel apart, using lighting and angles to bring your hotel’s attractions and the surrounding location to glorious life.

Polishing: Search engine optimization strategies to extend your hotel video marketing reach

To get your hotel video out to a wide net of prospective guests, you need to make sure it can gain the highest possible position in search results. We’ll apply same effective hotel SEO strategies to your videos that we use to promote your website and social strategies. We’ll research top trending hotel industry keywords, add them to the video through title, tags, and description, then make sure you get the maximum marketing boost by adding a clickable link to drive traffic your hotel website.

Promotion: Distributing your hotel video to market to prospective guests

In order to exploit the true marketing potential of your hotel videos, you need have a robust promotion network in place. It is not enough to create great videos; you need to have an effective way of getting them in front of guests where they can do some good. Wyzowl’s marketing survey found that 53%  of  businesses  who  use  video  say  they  struggle  to  promote  the  video content they produce.  Travel Tech Strategies specializes in creating opportunities to incorporate your videos throughout the full array of online hotel marketing strategies. Here’s just a small glimpse of how we can use your videos to promote your hotel:

  • Use video to enhance your website
  • Publicize videos through your blog
  • Develop a dedicated YouTube channel
  • Create short 3 to 10 second video clips to use in your social media posts
  • Coordinate video social strategies across Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Incorporate video clips into your email newsletters
  • And much, much more

If your hotel already has an existing video marketing strategy, Travel Tech can help you with any improvements or refinements your strategy may need. If you already have a library of videos but can’t seem to attract guests’ attention, we can provide SEO services to boost their position in search results, as well as marketing and promotion services to get your videos seen by prospective guests. If you prefer, we can take care of all the hassles of your hotel video marketing strategy – you can just sit back and get ready to handle the boost in your booking rate!

Call today to discover just how much our video marketing services can help your hotel.

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