Hotel Marketing Strategies

Now that the Internet has become such an integral part of our daily lives, hotel marketing strategies have primarily moved online. And that’s a very good thing for hotel owners. While print and television marketing require a sizable financial investment for a short marketing cycle, online hotel marketing strategies are much less expensive to create and the returns are far longer lasting. Television advertising costs range from thousands of dollars to more than $1 million and they only market your hotel for the 15 or 30 seconds they are on-screen. Print marketing is a bit more affordable, but the longest most consumers keep a magazine around is a month or two. Online hotel marketing strategies, however, cost significantly less than other marketing channels and promote your hotel for much, much longer – in fact, the online hotel marketing strategy you invest in today may still be promoting your hotel for years to come!

Building successful Internet hotel marketing strategies can be difficult, however, especially given the proliferation of OTAs and other online competition. The profitability of your establishment depends on your ability to successfully grab the attention of prospective guests away from other advertisers so you can market your hotel. It doesn’t matter whether you own a sprawling multinational hotel chain or a single gem of a boutique hotel; if you are unable to convince potential guests of the benefits of staying at your lodging, you’re not going to book enough rooms to stay in business. Simply employing a variety of hotel web marketing strategies and hoping some of them work is not going to achieve the results you require. In order to develop successful hotel marketing strategies, you need in-depth knowledge about your guests and how they relate to your business. You need to know how your website is performing. You need to know how guests perceive your marketing strategies. And most of all, you need to know which of your marketing initiatives are gaining a positive response for your hotel and which are wasting your time and money. Travel Tech Strategies has a number of marketing services that can provide you with the knowledge and marketing expertise you need to ensure your hotel’s success.

OTA analysis

The large online travel agencies have turned hotel marketing into a highly competitive arena. Travel Tech Strategies can apply OTA analysis to assess how the OTAs are impacting your hotel brand. Our marketing experts will then help you devise strategies to protect your brand name and regain control of your own bookings. We can assist in developing and implementing both short- and long-term strategies to help you develop your hotel’s market share.

Hotel web analytics

Every interaction your hotel has with guests on the web creates valuable information. Travel Tech Strategies can show you how to use that information to make your marketing strategies more effective. By employing powerful analytic tools, we can gain meaningful information from all your web marketing strategies that can be put to use to enhance your marketing efforts. We’ll examine your hotel website, blog, social media marketing, and email marketing strategies to determine which are doing the best job of gaining and keeping travelers’ interest. Our expert marketers can then help you apply these insights to make your content and marketing efforts more effective.

Hotel mobile marketing

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets make a mobile marketing an essential part of your hotel’s marketing strategies. Travel Tech Strategies can create a dynamic responsive hotel web design that will turn your website into a versatile marketing tool that automatically adjusts to whatever device your guests use to access the Internet.  Your website will effortlessly accommodate all the smartphones, tablets, laptops, and PC desktops currently on the market, as well as the ones that haven’t even been invented yet so you won’t face the expense of updating your website every time a new Internet-capable device appears on the market.

A responsive hotel website design is a good start, but research shows that smartphone users now spend 89% of their online time using apps. Travel Tech Strategies can design a custom branded app for your hotel, with an easy-to-use booking interface and interactive features preferred by today’s mobile users. To ensure your guests will want to download your hotel app, we’ll include valuable functionalities, including concierge services, which guests just can’t find elsewhere.

Mobile marketing needs to figure into your hotel PPC strategies as well, since travelers are increasingly using their mobile devices during their trip planning process. If you only invest in pay per click ads for desktop searches you will be leaving out a whole segment of prospective guests that you really can’t afford to overlook. Travel Tech Strategies can help you incorporate mobile search into your PPC strategies. Our expert PPC marketers can research to find the best mobile keywords, develop effective ad copy, and create custom landing pages to improve your response – we can even figure out your PPC budget allocation to help you gain the highest ROI for your marketing efforts.

Hotel guest data mining

You may be making some use of your hotel guest data already, but Travel Tech Strategies can help you mine this information much deeper. Our analysts can correlate the data your strategies already generate about your guests, then use it to improve and sharpen the focus of your hotel marketing strategies. We will deeply mine all the data your hotel has amassed about your customers – their demographics, online behavior, transactions, social media relationships, geo-location, and more. Once we have wrung all the available information out of these various sources, we will turn it into actionable intelligence you can use to improve your marketing efforts. The insights we gain from hotel guest data mining will not only help you improve your marketing strategies, it can also help you develop new ways to improve your bottom line. These methods include price optimization strategies, organizational optimization strategies, and client loyalty strategies.

When you are ready to make your marketing strategies as effective as possible, give us a call. The deep analysis and data mining expertise that Travel Tech Strategies can provide will give you insights into your guests’ likes, dislikes, preferences, and online behavior so you can make your hotel marketing strategies more effective than ever before.

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