5 Steps to Achieving a Responsive Hotel Website

5 Steps to Achieving a Responsive Hotel WebsiteHow to create a mobile-friendly hotel website your guests will love

Now that mobile devices have become an intrinsic part of modern existence, hotels need to have websites that perform flawlessly on every device if they want to succeed. Travelers today often use more than one device during their search for accommodations. According to Google’s 2014 Travelers’ Road to Decision, 75% of leisure travelers and 87% of business travelers switch between devices when planning or booking their trips. Potential guests may begin their hotel search at work using a laptop or desktop computer, then switch to their smartphone to continue the hunt during lunch. Once they arrive at home, many travelers will settle down with a tablet to make their final decision and book a room. Responsive website design is the most reliable way to deliver a consistently high quality experience on your website whether guests use their desktop, laptop, or smartphone during their travel search. Is your hotel website ready for the multi-device browsing habits of today’s travelers? There are 5 main steps to achieving a responsive hotel website:

  1. Design navigation elements so they are easy to access
    Whether travelers are searching for accommodations sitting in front of their laptop at home or on their smartphone in a busy terminal after their flight has been delayed, they need to be able to move quickly and easily through your hotel website. Adapt all of the navigation elements on your hotel website to accommodate mobile devices:

    • Make sure your navigation buttons are large and easy to tap with thumbs
    • Pop-up windows should resize automatically so users can select or dismiss them without having to scroll or shift views
    • Use hidden menus that users can access with a tap for a clean, uncluttered screen at smaller sizes
  2. Make sure that your hotel website resizes to fit any device
    The definitive quality of responsive hotel websites is their ability to automatically resize itself to the optimum size for users’ devices. All of the critical elements of your hotel website should adjust as needed, including:

    • Viewing Area – Responsive hotel website design automatically adjusts to fit the viewing port of each device, so users don’t have to scroll from side to side.
    • Viewing Orientation – Your website should adjust to allow for easy viewing in portrait or landscape view.
    • Content Flow – Text boxes, sidebars, and various other elements should reconfigure into a logical arrangement so your website delivers a consistently pleasing and easy to follow experience on all devices.
  3. Ensure that your website’s text can be effortlessly read on all devices
    The text on your hotel website should adjust to the best viewing size for each device automatically. As an added readability feature, each of the pages on your website should be able to shift to a Reader View so users can quickly peruse page copy without the distraction of images, photos, and other website elements.
  4. Optimize images so they appear at their best on every screen
    Your guests should get to see your hotel property in all its full color glory no matter what device they use to access your website. Use large, high quality photos, optimize for fast loading performance, and ensure that they automatically resize to move from small smartphone viewing ports to larger tablet screens without stretching, pinching, or distorting.
  5. SEO optimize your hotel website for mobile search
    Hotel search marketing strategies are changing now that mobile devices accept voice search, because travelers phrase their searches more conversationally when they enter them verbally rather than by typing. You can raise your hotel website’s ranking in mobile search by adding long tail conversational phrases to your keywords.

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