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Content Marketing for Hotels: 6 Tips

How to Make Your Hotel Content Marketing More Effective You’ve been writing interesting blogs, posting stunning pictures and videos of the local scenery, and your hotel still isn’t making the visibility and booking gains you’d hoped to see. Where are you going wrong? Content marketing for hotels is more involved than some hoteliers may initially…

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Hotel Content Marketing

Are your hotel content marketing strategies missing the mark? As a dedicated hotel owner, you paid attention when articles claimed that content marketing was the way to bring in more guests. You started a hotel blog, send out Tweets and posts, set up an account on Instagram, and created a YouTube channel. You know that…

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10 Killer Content Marketing Tips for Independent Hotels

How to write content that sells. Marketing for independent hotels is a bit different than marketing for one of the huge multinational hotel chains. The large hotel conglomerates can afford to enact lavish campaigns that blast their marketing message through print, television, radio, and internet outlets. As an independent hotel owner, you operate on a…

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