2015 Hotel Marketing Trends

2015 Hotel Marketing TrendsIs your hotel ready to face the marketing challenges of the New Year? At Travel Tech Strategies, we’ve been sifting through facts and figures and busily accessing our industry sources to identify the hotel marketing trends that we believe will have the greatest impact on your business this year.  Hotel marketers will need to hit the ground running with a clear, well-defined hotel marketing plan that has strategies in place to leverage these trends and maximize their marketing reach. Here is Travel Tech’s list of Hotel Marketing trends to watch in 2015; now strap on your guns and get ready to market!

  1. Mobile Hotel Marketing
    The switch from web hotel marketing to mobile hotel marketing has been revving up over the past year, as smartphones and tablets become the preferred method for accessing the Internet, and mobile searches for hotels overtook web searches as the primary way to find travel accommodations. To remain relevant, hoteliers will be adopting a range of mobile marketing strategies for hotels including responsive web design and expertly applied SEO strategies.
  2. Immersive Storytelling
    Overtly promotional marketing content is a thing of the past; the key to guest engagement in 2015 will be hotel marketing campaigns that immerse us in the story of a location. Hotels will be using visual content, blogs, and the full array of hotel social media marketing outlets to recreate the experience of a stay at their establishment. The hotels that are best able to build that picture, and immerse guests in their story, will be the ones that build their brands and boost their bookings.
  3. Hotel Mobile Apps
    Since research revealed that smartphone users spend 89% of their online time using apps, many of the larger, more technologically-savvy hotels are developing their own mobile apps. Hotel mobile apps present a way to wean consumers away from Google and generalized searches; add in an easy-to-use booking interface and interactive features to improve your dc today’s mobile users.
  4. Hotel Big Data
    Guests are leaving an extraordinary amount of data in hotel owners’ hands, and in 2015 savvy hoteliers will begin to put that information to good use. The value of big data in hotel marketing will be clearly shown as these marketers use their information on guests’ likes, dislikes, interests, and more to create targeted hotel social media marketing campaigns that leverage Facebook, Twitter and email in highly effective ways.
  5. Contextual Hotel Marketing
    To remain relevant in 2015, hotels will be using contextual hotel marketing strategies to get control of the moments that matter, with marketing that is appropriately timed and positioned to be extremely relevant to guests. To ensure your hotel marketing messages don’t miss the mark, you will need to pay strict attention to the details of your customers’ online activity and behavior. Discover where guests are when they search for your hotel’s information, what other activities they are engaging in at that time, and what is most important to them at that moment. Once you have the context of guests’ engagement, you can use that information to market to them more effectively and boost your booking rate.

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