Internet Marketing For Hotel Marketers

Internet Marketing For Hotel Marketers Are your internet marketing strategies hurting your hotel instead of boosting your bookings? As an informed hotel marketer, you recognize the importance of using internet marketing strategies to promote your hotel; in fact, you have an integrated internet hotel marketing plan in place that leverages these strategies right now. If you’re making any of these common internet hotel marketing mistakes, however, your best efforts could actually be harming your hotel. To help ensure your marketing efforts don’t miss their mark, we’ve identified the most common hotel internet marketing mistakes, along with quick fixes that make this guide to internet marketing a must read for hotel marketers everywhere. The six most common internet marketing mistakes made by hotel marketers are:

Mistake #1:

  • Your hotel website cannot be easily accessed on a tablet or smartphone.
    The vast majority of travelers now use their smartphone or tablet to research travel options; if your hotel website is hard to navigate or view using a mobile device, many of these digitally inclined travelers will not even consider staying at your establishment. Upgrade to a responsive hotel website design so your website appears at its best no matter how it is viewed.

Mistake #2:

  • You’ve purchased thousands of links and loaded keywords into the content on your hotel website.
    Google can easily identify link purchasing and keyword loading, and it punishes these attempts to “game” search results by lowering your website’s ranking on hotel-related search terms. Instead of boosting your booking rates, these black hat SEO strategies are actually hurting your hotel by making it harder for travelers to find your site. To renovate your site, correctly apply hotel SEO strategies: write natural-sounding content with just a few keywords sprinkled in and build links naturally through content exchanges you will gradually raise your website’s performance on Google search and other search engines. If you write natural-sounding content

Mistake #3:

  • You’re sending out a single email newsletter to all of your hotel guests.
    Hotel guests are interested in a variety of activities; for instance, family travelers are interested in water parks while senior travelers prefer more sedentary pursuits, so it is difficult to create a single email newsletter that appeals to everyone. Separate your contacts into three or four groups according to their interests then create tightly targeted email newsletters with special offers and discounts designed to match each group’s interests.

Mistake #4:

  • You created a hotel mobile app that looks good but delivers limited features.
    Today’s mobile-savvy travelers are not interested in apps unless they provide specific benefits. Add useful hotel features such as check in/check out functionality, direct access to customer service, local info, and special offers to create a hotel mobile app that guests will be eager to download and use.

Mistake #5:

  • You only post content to your hotel’s blog, Facebook page, and Twitter account occasionally.
    If you want to engage visitor interest and create a devoted band of followers for your hotel, you will need to establish a consistent posting schedule. If you don’t have enough free time to create interesting content to post, tweet, and blog on a regular basis, consider hiring a professional hotel internet marketing firm to create and post interesting content for you.

Mistake #6:

  • You aren’t doing anything with the data collected by your hotel website, social marketing platforms, and other hotel internet marketing strategies.
    Your hotel internet marketing efforts collect enormous amounts of data about your visitors, including their interests, demographics, and much, much more – mining the big data in travel produces detailed customer insights that translate to a serious advantage for your hotel’s marketing efforts.

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