Effective Blogging Tips for Hotels

Effective Blogging Tips for HotelsOver 70% of travelers search for information about destinations, accommodations, and vacation entertainment via search engines. If your hotel’s blog provides information that travelers are searching for, your hotel will gain online exposure organically through search engine results. By developing your blog to provide helpful information and to serve as a useful resource, you are providing travelers a reason to choose your hotel.

Hotel blog posts are among the top strategies applied in the development of online marketing for hotels.  Practical blog posts that provide information and are found to be essential are also likely to be shared by those that read them. Title your blog posts accordingly, informing the reader from the start what resourceful information you will be sharing in your post, so that each post is easily distinguishable from the others. Some examples of useful and engaging blog post titles:

  • Interesting Facts About (your hotel’s city).
  • Activities and Entertainment Within Walking Distance of (your hotel name).
  • How to Get Around Like a Local in (your hotel’s city)
  • 5 Must try Local Restaurants.
  • How to Pack for a Week Using Only One Carry on Bag.

Your blog is also a tool that you can use to promote your hotel. There are ways to maximize a blog’s effectiveness as an online marketing tool for hotels.  Write about the hotel’s history and characteristics that make it distinctive from every other hotel in the area.  Is your hotel a family owned and local business? If so, write about how your hotel strives to give back to the community, or makes a local impact. Does your hotel pride itself on the experience that it provides to its guests? Has it won awards for the stellar service it delivers?  Write a post about the measures your hotel takes to ensure the ultimate comfort of its guests. Casually mention honors and awards your hotel has been recognized with, but engage your reader with an informal tone, don’t let your blog post sound like an advertisement, or you will lose the interest of your readers. Here are some content ideas for you to incorporate into your hotel’s blog posts that will help promote your business:

  • Inform travelers about upcoming conventions, complete with dates, times, and expected notable attendees.
  • Inform travelers about upcoming holidays that include any citywide events taking place, in addition to parades or parties happening locally, and be sure to mention your hotel’s distance in relation to the events you are posting about.
  • Inform travelers about upcoming hotel promotions being offered that correspond with events happening locally.

Here are some additional strategies to ensure a successful blog and online marketing of your hotel:

  • Use a content calendar. Organization and consistency are critical for an effective hotel blog. A content calendar will allow you to see what you have shared, what still needs to be covered, and it will help you brainstorm new ideas.
  • Post regularly and often. If readers grow to expect new blog posts that they can enjoy on a regular basis, they will return to read them. This will increase website traffic and readership.
  • Use keywords. Your blog posts should include key words and phrases that people would use when searching for hotels in your geographical area. The use of these words and phrases will help search engines to rank your website well.
  • Include graphics and high quality images. Imagery attracts visitors, and when readers share your blog post on social media, those images will appear, making your post appeal to even more people online.
  • Post your blogs on social media sites and extend your reach beyond your targeted customers. When you publish a new blog post, be sure to share it on your hotel’s social media accounts. Social media can dramatically increase your hotel’s blog exposure and create valuable website traffic.

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