How to Choose a Hotel Website Development Company

How to Choose a Hotel Website Development CompanyFive questions to help you find the best company to design your hotel’s website

When the time comes to update your hotel website, don’t settle for having a general, all-purpose website company design your site. To ensure your success in the highly competitive travel industry, you should enlist the skills of a hotel website development company instead. Since they focus exclusively on the travel industry, these dedicated web companies are able to amass a wide knowledge of hotel web design and online hotel marketing strategies that the general website companies simply cannot match. If you’re not sure how to choose a hotel website development company, don’t worry. Just use the following questions when you interview firms; the answers you receive will reveal the company that has the necessary skills to ensure your hotel’s online success.

Does hotel website development company understand the unique challenges of hotel website design?
The simple websites that many companies use to establish their online presence will not work for your hotel; you need a highly functional hotel website to capture the attention of today’s digitally-attuned travelers.   The website development company you engage should be well-versed in creating websites for hotels, so they know to include the industry-specific functionality you need to offer your guests such as:

  • Hotel Reservation Booking Engine
  • Reservation Confirmation Service
  • Easy-to-update Hotel Blog
  • Integrated Links to Social Sharing Platforms

Does the hotel website development company build websites that travelers can access on their desktops, tablets, and phones?
Now that the majority of your guests use mobile devices when they make their travel plans (more than 56% of all travelers do, according to the latest study authored by Google), you need a hotel website design that works flawlessly on every device. Look for a hotel website development company that uses responsive hotel website design for their sites, as this mobile-friendly design standard delivers consistent performance whether visitors access it via their desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones. Responsive hotel website design provides a full roster of the mobile-friendly features your guests desire, including:

  • Large, well-spaced navigation buttons
  • Touch-responsive elements
  • Text, headlines, images, and navigation buttons that automatically resize to fit any screen
  • Touch-responsive menus and elements

Is the hotel website development company skilled in SEO strategies?
To succeed with today’s digitally attuned travelers, your website needs to achieve a strong placement in online search results. Search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are the best way to adjust all the elements of a website so it can achieve the highest possible position on search results.  The ideal hotel website development company will utilize the full extent of SEO strategies to raise your website’s search rank on desktop and mobile search results, including

  • Hotel Keyword and Keyword Phrase Selection
  • SEO Optimized Website Copy
  • Strategic Link Analysis and Link Building Strategies
  • SEO Optimization of images, video, and other graphic elements

Is the hotel website development company knowledgeable about social hotel marketing strategies?
To build a large customer base, you need to leverage hotel social marketing strategies so you can reach new customers, engage existing ones, and build the type of brand loyalty that turns a casual visitor into a dedicated fan. A knowledgeable hotel website development company can help you implement a variety of hotel social marketing strategies to help you reach your desired demographic; they can even provide you with SEO optimized social sharing content and manage all of your hotel social marketing campaigns, if you are too busy to implement them yourself.

What website traffic analytics does the hotel website development company provide?
The truism “knowledge is power” certainly applies to the hotel industry; the more information you have about your website visitors, the better you will be able to craft marketing strategies that target their specific interests. The best website companies recognize the power of travel analytics and are expert at data-mining your hotel website’s visitor information so you can formulate the most effective online marketing strategies. They will provide you with analytics software and analysis that capitalizes on customer behaviors, transactions, demographics, social media relationships, and geo-location.

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