Hotel Marketing Strategies

Hotel Marketing StrategiesHow to create a successful marketing strategy for hotels: an easy 4-step plan to achieve hotel marketing success

As a dedicated hotelier, you’re aware that the profitability of your establishment depends on your ability to successfully market your hotel.

It doesn’t matter whether you own a sprawling multinational hotel chain or a single gem of a boutique hotel; if you are unable to convince potential guests of the benefits of staying at your lodging, you’re not going to book enough rooms to stay in business.

Simply employing a variety of hotel marketing strategies and hoping some of them work is not going to achieve the results you require. You need to develop a successful hotel marketing strategy – one that accurately identifies and communicates the benefits your hotel has to offer, and is flexible enough to respond to changes in customer needs and perceptions.

To help you achieve the marketing results you need, Travel Tech Strategies has developed an easy, 4-step plan to teach you how to create a successful marketing strategy for hotels. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way!

Step 1: Determine the focus of your hotel marketing strategy

The first step in creating successful marketing strategies for hotels involves figuring out exactly who your strategy will be targeting, and what you have to offer prospective customers.  The easiest way to do this is to approach the issue as a series of questions.

Consider your customers’ interests and habits as well their demographics, such as income, family status, etc.  Examine what your hotel has to offer that sets it apart from the competition. Typical questions include:

  • What are our guests looking for? What are their needs?
  • Which guests are the most profitable?
  • How can I target my approach to reach the right potential customers?
  • Which customer groups can I target most effectively?
  • What’s the best way of communicating with my target customer group?
  • What sets our hotel apart? What special quality do we offer?
  • What can we provide that our competition cannot?

Step 2: Develop your hotel’s specific marketing strategy

As you develop your hotel marketing strategy, you need to consider which combination of your marketing channels will reach your target customers most effectively. You will probably end up creating a comprehensive approach that utilizes your full range of hotel online marketing strategies. There are a variety of hotel marketing strategies you can use to promote your hotel:

  • Attract customers to your Mobile-friendly, responsive hotel website using an interesting travel blog
  • Engage customers through hotel social marketing strategies
  • Raise your search rank so prospective guests and worldwide travelers can find your hotel
  • Encourage longer visits and out of season stays through promotions and deals included in your segmented email newsletter

Step 3: Set measurable goals for your hotel’s marketing strategy

In order to judge the effectiveness of your online hotel marketing strategy, you need to set solid, quantifiable goals. Working with vague ambitions like “increase marketing awareness,” makes it easy for hotels to drift and founder, because there are no real benchmarks to achieve.  Aim to improve your room rental rate by 5%, or increase online bookings by 15% in 6 months, and you give your marketing team measurable goals that they can use to track their progress.

Step 4: Performance review – assess and adjust your hotel marketing strategy

This step is perhaps the most important part of developing successful marketing strategies for hotels. In the fast-moving travel industry, hotel trends and industry conditions are constantly changing, which can affect the performance of your marketing strategies. Use a strong analytics program to track the performance of your marketing strategies (HubSpot is an excellent choice, but Google Analytics is a solid option as well), and make any necessary changes to ensure your hotel marketing strategies continue working at their efficient best.

For more help with your online hotel marketing strategies, you can always turn to Travel Tech Strategies. As the online hotel marketing agency Fort Lauderdale hotel owners rely on for expert advice, we have the necessary experience and skills to provide you with everything you need to enact successful hotel marketing strategies, including responsive hotel website design, advanced big data mining services, and more.

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