Mobile Marketing for Hotels

Mobile Marketing for Hotels3 easy hotel mobile marketing tips to increase guest satisfaction

Is your hotel disappointing guests by not offering the mobile features and functionality that travelers are looking for? Consumers have become accustomed to using their smartphones throughout their travel experience, particularly at hotels. There are a variety of necessary tasks that many hotel guests now prefer to accomplish using their mobile devices, from reserving a room to requesting amenities and delayed check-out times. An extensive travel study by MCD queried 1,000 business, leisure, and family travelers to discover what they expect from hotels’ mobile marketing strategies. The responses make it clear that mobile marketing for hotels needs to be a top priority: travelers expect hotels to have mobile websites and apps that deliver certain features, and they are not happy when their expectations are not met. To help you plan your hotel’s mobile marketing strategy, we’re sharing key insights from that survey, along with mobile marketing tips on how to meet or exceed your guests’ expectations.

Mobile Marketing Tip #1: Choose a responsive hotel website design to help increase your booking rate

MCD’s travel survey revealed that 70% of travelers say that a hotel’s website and app impact their decision to book a stay. Travelers often equate the experience they have on a hotel’s website with the experience they will have if they stay at the hotel, so a hotel website that delivers a poor experience on mobile devices may actually chase guests away to stay at another establishment. When you upgrade your website to a responsive hotel website design, the site will perform flawlessly on every type of mobile device, reassuring travelers that your hotel delivers nothing but the best.

Mobile Marketing Tip #2: Provide guests with an interactive, highly functional mobile hotel app to enhance their stay

Key insights from the travel survey revealed that the majority of travelers – 68% to 80% depending on the feature – want a hotel’s mobile app to include features that let them know what’s available nearby, with tools to help them make plans. Guests are looking to enjoy their hotel stay without having to interrupt their activities to search out information or perform chores related to the mechanics of their stay. You can enhance your guests’ stays with a mobile hotel app that automates standard functions integral to their stay, including booking a room, checking in and out, requesting a late checkout time, and other concierge functions. For the best response, your mobile hotel app should also provide guests with direct access to information about your hotel and nearby attractions that will aid their local explorations, such as concierge tips, amenities and hours, and maps of the local area and surrounding diversions.

Mobile Marketing Tip #3: Create a virtual concierge that travelers can access through their mobile devices to improve guest satisfaction

The survey revealed that 80% of travelers want to be able to set their personal preferences for their hotel stay themselves. This number climbed to an overwhelming 87% of loyal travelers. Guests want to know that when they arrive at your hotel their lodgings will be arranged exactly the way they want them, without having to wait on harried hotel staff to accommodate their wishes. Provide a mobile app with an included virtual concierge that puts preference control firmly in the hands of your guests. Making a virtual concierge part of your hotel mobile marketing strategies is an easy way to increase the satisfaction of your guests, who will appreciate the security of knowing that all their requested amenities and preferences will be in place for their stay.

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