Top 5 Marketing Ideas for Your Travel Agency Business

The best ways to promote your travel agency business online

Marketing Ideas for Your Travel Agency BusinessWhether you’re just starting out at your travel agency or are looking to expand your customer base, the best marketing move your travel agency can make is to establish a vivid online presence. The majority of travel marketing now occurs online rather than in print and on television. This is great news for your travel agency as it provides you with the opportunity to market to travelers in a big way without a correspondingly large cost. While many of our blogs detail specific marketing strategies your travel agency can employ, along with ways to leverage the latest travel trends, today we’re going to focus on the top 5 marketing ideas for your travel agency business. These marketing strategies will spearhead your travel agency’s online marketing efforts and give you a platform to reach clients around the world and across the web.

Reach on-the-go travelers with a responsive travel agency website design

This is the heart of your travel agency’s online marketing strategies. A responsive website design adapts to provide flawless performance on every device, allowing you to reach today’s on-the-go travelers whether they access the Internet through a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or other mobile device. Include a mobile booking engine and access to your latest deals, and you’ll have a powerful marketing tool that will score big with travelers in every demographic group and age.

Attract clients with a travel blog
An interesting, well-written travel blog remains one of the top travel agency marketing ideas because it helps further your marketing goals in several critical ways. While it keeps travelers engaged with handy travel tips and how to guides, and encourages them to book their next trip with intriguing descriptions of destinations, your travel blog also gives you a way to constantly add new content and incorporate the latest trending keywords and search terms to keep your website on the top of search results.

Incorporate video marketing to up your strategies’ appeal

Video marketing has been around for some time but it’s really hitting its stride now that Millennials are planning trips. Add video clips to your social strategies to make them more interesting and eye-catching; create a dedicated YouTube channel featuring destination videos; or take advantage of the first person immediacy of Go-Pro to create a video channel for adventure enthusiasts.  Once you introduce videos into the mix, all of your travel agency marketing strategies become vastly more effective.

Share the journey through social media marketing

Modern day explorers are sharing their journey through social media, and your travel agency needs to go along for the trip. You can use your travel agency’s account on Facebook and Twitter to share snapshots of destinations and deals with travelers to entice them into taking long-anticipated trips, while taking advantage of the photo formats on Instagram and Pinterest to encourage your clients to post their favorite pics from their trips.

Stay in touch with an email travel newsletter

While many of your travel agency’s clients are on social media, a significant percentage of travelers still do not spend much time on social sites. Your travel agency needs a way to get your marketing message to these travelers, and an email newsletter presents the perfect way to do that. You can keep in touch with clients after their trips with a monthly email newsletter; segment your email lists according to traveler’s demographics, interests, and their past travel information, then offer them travel tips and personalized deals that align with their interests for the best response.

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