Hotel Social Media Marketing

Is Your Business Utilizing Hotel Social Media Marketing?

Hotel Social Media MarketingIf you own a hotel or are in the hotel industry, then by now you know how difficult it can be to get a leg up on your competitors. One of the most effective ways to do this is through social media, since platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are so very popular. Millions upon millions of people utilize these sites and apps, searching for the best hotels with the highest ratings when they’re traveling from city to city. Travel Tech Strategies realizes just how important hotel social media marketing can be for your business and understands how to utilize these platforms.

When it comes to launching a campaign focused on social media marketing for hotels, it’s not just about signing up to Facebook or Twitter and then letting your account stay idle. Keeping followers engaged and up to date with the latest news regarding your hotel is crucial to keeping their attention. People on social media are very keen as to what’s going on and appreciate businesses that keep their social media accounts active – if for any reason you go a while without updating your Facebook company profile or don’t send out a tweet in a few weeks, your followers will notice. It’s not a good strategic move to sit on your hands while your competitors update their social media profiles multiple times per week.

Travel Tech Strategies has designed some of the most effective hotel marketing ideas 2016 has seen thus far. In addition to offering the Core Four business solutions, we’ve also been able to make hotel owners aware of just how important hotel social media marketing is. Think of hotel social media marketing as a form of free advertisement. For example, if you have a promotion going on with special rates for rooms, or want to reward regular clients with discounts, you can display all of these through social media. Think of your social media page as a brief TV commercial, where you have a few seconds to catch your viewer’s (in this case your follower’s) eye.

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, hotel social media marketing is one of the most powerful and influential tools in the world right now. No other medium is able to break live news in real time with the push of a few buttons the way social media can. With the rapid development of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SnapChat, people are able to immediately convey their thoughts, feelings and emotions via mobile device. However, regular people aren’t the only ones using social media for their own personal cause. There are plenty of businesses out there that are rapidly getting into the social media game and using it to promote their company. This is the main reason why hotel social media marketing has erupted.

Social Media Marketing for Hotels is definitely something that will help you tap into a new clientele base.

If you find managing your hotel business’ social media marketing initiatives to be an overwhelming, time consuming task, Travel Tech Strategies is here to help. Our marketing team can provide you with a monthly social marketing maintenance package, and even help you develop a complete internet hotel marketing plan that includes responsive hotel web design, expert SEO services, and much more.

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