Hospitality Marketing Strategies

How to use analytics to market your hospitality business more effectively

Hospitality Marketing StrategiesIn order for your hospitality company to thrive in today’s highly competitive market, you need an extra  “edge” that will make your marketing strategies just a bit more effective. After all, you’re contending for travelers’ attention against multinational hospitality companies that have some seemingly insurmountable advantages. Large hotel chains have instant name recognition, extensive marketing budgets, and virtual armies of marketers working on their behalf. How can your independent hospitality company possibly compete? You can’t match the volume of marketing the large hotel chains are producing, but you can improve the quality of your marketing strategies. Hotel web analytics are the key to supercharging your hospitality marketing strategies to make them vastly more effective at attracting and converting visitors into loyal guests. Here’s how web analytics work:

If you’re like most independent hotel owners, you brushed past analytics when you were learning how to market your hospitality business. It was more important to get your website and social media marketing strategies up and running so travelers could find you on the web. Now that your online presence is well established, it’s time to put the missing pieces in place so your hospitality marketing strategies are as effective as possible.

Web analytics – the short and sweet version

Every time guests interact with your hospitality business online, data points are created. This data provides valuable information that you can use to your advantage. You can see what actions visitors took when they encountered your marketing strategies, what they spent time reading, what they clicked on, and what they ignored. You can apply this information to refine your marketing strategies so they do a better job of convincing travelers to patronize your hospitality business.

Here’s the best part – you don’t need an expensive, hard to learn program to access this information. While there are many advanced analytic programs available online, you can gain all the information you really need with Google Analytics. This free, simple to use web service shows your guests’ behavior as they interact with your website, ads, videos, and social strategies. You can easily use this information to make all your online hospitality marketing strategies more effective.

Using analytics with your hospitality marketing strategies

Web analytics will show you how visitors found your hospitality company’s website, what pages they visited, how long they spent on each page, and where they went when they left. You’ll know if you need to adjust your landing pages, see where web copy needs to be improved, and realize which pages need to be overhauled. Analytics will also reveal travelers’ positions in the sales funnel on an ongoing basis so you can concentrate your marketing efforts when visitors get close to booking a stay.

You’ll be able to see which of your blogs are attracting the most traffic, and which generate the most actual leads for your hospitality business. Apply this information to refine your blogging strategy and you’ll soon have a blog that guests will eagerly look forward to reading.

Analytics can improve your social marketing strategies, too. You’ll be able to track guests’ interactions with your social posts and Tweets to discover which types of posts get the best response, what the best time and days are to post, and other valuable insights. Use this information to adjust your content and posting schedule and you should see a major boost in shares and engagement across your social strategies.

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