9 Ways to Keep Up Hotel Lead Generation after the Summer Rush

hotel lead generation

Don’t worry about shrinking booking rates this fall –these 9 strategies for hotel lead generation will help you keep your rooms filled!

Summer always provides a booking boost for hotels as families and vacationers venture out to enjoy the warmer days. This can lead to an after-summer slump in hotel reservations that can present quite a financial challenge, especially for boutique hotels and smaller hotel chains. To help your hotel sail through the autumn months without taking a hit in reservation rates, we have nine hotel lead generation strategies that will help you attract fall travelers to fill your rooms.

1. Update your email marketing strategies

Email marketing is one of the key methods of generating hotel leads, but you need to make sure your messages are able to stand out from the ever-increasing stack of emails that arrive each day in your guests’ in boxes. Work on developing catchy headlines, add animated gifs to attract attention, segment your lists with targeted promotions, and develop dedicated landing pages for each email offer.

2. Send out off-season sales

It can be harder to tempt travelers to take trips once the fall schedules of school and business are back in play, so you need to offer something extra to get a response. Offering off-season sales is a good way to generate leads and fill rooms. An occasional deep discount that fills rooms is better for your bottom line than sticking with higher prices and facing vacancies.

3. Upgrade your hotel loyalty rewards

No one expects smaller boutique hotels to match the extravagant rewards that the larger chains are offering, but try stretching your budget to offer some upgraded loyalty rewards to generate more leads after the summer excitement dies down. Some examples include doubling reward nights to offer 2 for 1 reward stays for a specific weekend or planning special excursions to concerts, adventure parks, or other area attractions.

4. Promote mini-getaways on social media

Turning your hotel into a mini-spa for the weekend is one of those boutique hotel marketing ideas that never fails to generate leads, so it presents a great way to revitalize guests’ interest in booking a stay after the lazy days of summer have passed. Energize leads from past and prospective clients with coordinated campaigns across all your social media marketing strategies with sharable posts that include short video clips and animated GIFs.

5. Explore Paid Social Marketing Advertising

Hotel Facebook and Twitter Advertising allows you to target promotions that reach motivated, interested travelers who already “like” your brand. Targeted promotions for Facebook friendly events such as fall weddings are a sure-fire way to generate leads among your Facebook followers and Twitter fans.

6. Launch new PPC campaigns

The end of summer is the ideal time to invest some time and revenue in launching new PPC campaigns. Take your time to research keywords that will allow you to target fall travelers in your key demographics.

7. Design a new video marketing campaign

The appeal of video marketing for hotels continues to grow, attracting the attention of travelers in every age group and demographic. Develop a concept for a coordinated series of videos to market your hotel, then shoot, apply SEO strategies, and launch your new video channel on YouTube.

8. Switch your marketing focus for targeted appeals

As summer travelling ends, switch your marketing focus from delivering summer family fun to attracting business travelers. Spruce up your conference rooms and convention halls, and send out targeted marketing materials promoting your hotel as the ideal location for business meetings and conferences.

9. Overhaul your SEO strategies

Fall is the perfect time to update the SEO strategies on your hotel website. Do a page by page audit, freshening SEO strategies on your webpages with new keywords and search phrases for autumn travelers. This lead generating marketing strategy will help raise your hotel website’s search rank to attract the attention of more guests and boost your ability to generate hotel leads this fall.

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