Content Marketing for Hospitality Companies

Content Marketing for Hospitality CompaniesEverything hospitality companies need to know about content marketing

If you’re not sure that content marketing works for hospitality companies, consider this. Every time someone books a hotel stay in Jakarta because they read about the city being one of “10 must-see destinations,” that is content marketing in action. When a couple tries a foodie hot spot they discovered on Instagram Stories, you see the power of content marketing for hospitality companies at work. When you consider the impact that online blogs, videos, and social media have on travel industry, it is clear that the importance of content marketing for hospitality companies cannot be overstated. Hospitality companies that know how to use content marketing have a big advantage when it comes to reaching customers. 

What is content marketing for hospitality companies?

Content marketing, in the form of blogs, social media, and other formats, has emerged as the most effective way to reach travelers. People now rely on online content when deciding where to eat, stay, and travel. In fact, more than 50 percent of travelers are seeking inspiration and informative content online during the planning process, according to a 2017 travel study commissioned by Expedia Media group. Instead of simply pushing an advertising message, content marketing informs travelers, provides inspiration, and shapes every stage of the travel journey.

What are the benefits of content marketing for the hospitality industry?

When used correctly, content marketing can be a highly effective business tool for hospitality companies. It offers several benefits that will help your business grow:

Content marketing inspires travel destinations

Another key fact revealed by Expedia’s report is that More than 65 percent of travelers said they are influenced by informative content from travel brands or destinations. Reading a blog you posted describing the activities that can be experienced in your location can inspire travelers to visit your hotel, restaurant, or other destination of your choice.

Content marketing grows your brand

Strong brand awareness is critical for hospitality companies. Whether you have a boutique hotel, travel agency, restaurant, or other hospitality company, customers are more likely to patronize you when they recognize your company’s name and what you offer.

Content marketing raises your website profile

A strong content marketing strategy helps to raise your hospitality company’s online profile in several ways. A travel blog is great for your SEO strategies, because it gives you a way to add the latest trending keywords and phrases to your hospitality company’s website. You’ll see an increase in site traffic as travelers read your blog, increasing your site’s visibility while growing your industry authority. As travelers share your blogs, social posts, and other content, it generates backlinks to your website. Content marketing improves almost every element that search engines consider when assigning your website’s place in search results.

As you can see, content marketing can make your hospitality marketing strategies more effective in several key ways. If you would like to start using content marketing to build your hospitality company, Travel Tech Strategies can provide everything you need. We offer expert SEO content creation services for the hospitality industry, along with monthly social media marketing packages, email newsletter creation services, complete video marketing capabilities, and more. We can meet all your content marketing needs to help your hospitality business succeed.

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