5 Tips to Improve your Hotel PPC Efforts

improve your hotel ppcHow to succeed with hotel PPC ads in 5 easy steps

Hotel PPC ads not getting the return you desire? We have some hotel PPC tips that will help. Pay per click ads are a popular marketing tool for hotels of every size. Because it is easy to get started with PPC ads, many hotel owners are disappointed when they don’t find instant success with this marketing tool.  Don’t get discouraged! While there is a lot of competition for clicks, you can run successful PPC campaigns without resorting to bids out of your price range.  Here are five tips that will improve your hotel PPC efforts and make them more effective.

Use Local Search Ads to improve mobile search performance

A great way to improve your hotel PPC efforts on mobile searches is through local search ads. Local “Near Me” searches are often used with hotel searches on mobile devices. When you use Local Search Ads, a promoted pin for your hotel will show directly in Google Maps. Your listing appears in the local section of results, directly with Google Maps. This translates to a huge benefit for your hotel PPC mobile search performance, because screens are so small that only the top results are typically viewed.

Get specific to win back brand bids

If you are looking for hotel PPC advertising tips that will improve your ads’ performance on brand bids against OTAs, you’ll love this one. OTAs typically automate their PPC ads, so their list of hotel benefits is often generic so it can be used in multiple campaigns with different hotels. Back up your bid on your brand by including information about the specific benefits your hotel offers, such as 24-hour room service, luxury bedding, or incredible sunset views. This custom information can give your hotel a boost in the war for brand clicks.

Use Geo-Targeting to improve ROI

One of the best ways to improve hotel ROI on PPC advertising is to target your efforts so your ad is only shown to travelers that demonstrate strong intent. Since travelers typically know the location of their destination when they go to book a hotel, you can use geo-targeting to only show your hotel ad to people who are searching for or have shown interest in your target location.

Don’t forget Facebook (and other social media ads)

Social media ads are a natural fit for hotel PPC marketing.  1 in 3 travelers say they turn to social media to help decide where to go on vacation, according to SiteMinder’s 2017 Social Media Playbook for Hotels. Facebook Ads and other social media PPC ads allow you reach travelers at the exact moment of travel inspiration, just as they are learning about the fantastic trip their friends experienced. Combine your PPC ad with a landing page that takes guests directly to your hotel booking engine to take full advantage of this marketing opportunity.

Always use Ad extensions

Looking for ways to improve hotel ROI on PPC advertising? Start using Ad extensions! Google Ad extensions allow you to provide additional information in your text ads. These handy tools help customers see more of what your hotel offers, which improves your click-through-rate and increases conversions. Using extensions can help your ad rank higher, because having more complete information will make your ad more relevant so Google sees it as a better fit for searches. All these factors will work together to help you reach a higher ROI on your hotel PPC ads. Some of the common extensions that are particularly useful for hotels include:

  • Sitelink – allows you to include links that connect travelers to specific pages in your site, such as Amenities, Rooms, or Book a Reservation
  • Location – links to Google Maps, provides directions. Allows you to show in “Near Me” searches
  • Call – a clickable “call” button lets mobile users call you directly from the link
  • Reviews – a quote or link to third-party reviews

Another way to improve your hotel PPC efforts is by hiring a dedicated hotel marketing company. If you would like more tips for hotel PPC or could use some help improving your hotel PPC ads, call Travel Tech Strategies today.  We can provide the marketing support to make your PPC and other hotel marketing strategies more effective, including in depth keyword research, dynamic landing page designs, and more.

Contact Travel Tech Strategies today at 954-685-5169 for more tips on how to improve your hotel PPC efforts, plus full support to make your hotel marketing strategies more effective than ever before!

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