How to Promote a Hotel Online: 5 Effective Ideas

how to promote a hotel onlineGet More Bookings! Use these Five Effective Ways of How to Promote a Hotel Online

Wondering how to promote your hotel online? We have five effective ideas you should try! Online marketing strategies have become the most effective and cost-efficient ways to promote hotels. Television and print promotions are extremely expensive and only market your hotel for a short time.  Marketing your hotel over the Internet is an entirely different proposition. Online marketing strategies are substantially less costly and remain active indefinitely, promoting your hotel for years to come. The result is a much higher ROI for your marketing spend. To help you with your Internet marketing efforts, here are five effective ideas about how to promote a hotel online:

Generate bookings through a responsive hotel website

A responsive, mobile-friendly hotel website with a strong booking engine is the most effective way to promote your hotel online. Your website serves as the heart of your hotel online marketing strategies. It introduces travelers to your hotel brand and informs guests about everything you have to offer. Add a mobile booking portal so travelers can make reservations on the go without having to make a call or revert to the OTAs that glean a percentage of your booking fees.

Use a hotel SEO strategy to gain high visibility

More than half of travelers use search engines during their trip planning process, making a solid SEO strategy an essential part of promoting your hotel online. In fact, SEO should be one of the first areas to address in your hotel marketing strategies, because it is the key to gaining a higher search rank so you can reach more travelers. Partner with local attractions, running cross promotions to form backlinks that raise your local search profile.

Entice hotel guests with content marketing

Hotel content marketing gives you a way to share everything that your hotel experience has to offer guests. Coordinated content marketing strategies are highly effective ways to promote your hotel online. You can write blog posts on local attractions and activities, share information about upcoming events, and give travelers insight into what makes a stay at your hotel so special. In addition to engaging travelers with your hotel brand, a weekly or bi-weekly hotel blog gives you a way to keep your hotel website supplied with the latest trending hotel keywords and phrases.

Create video travelogues that immerse guests in your hotel experience. Use snippets from your blog and short video clips in Tweets and Facebook posts. The combination of these different types of content marketing will provide a powerful SEO boost for your hotel website, helping it gain a higher position in search results so it can promote your hotel more effectively.

Publicize hotel specials through targeted email promotions

Email marketing can be one of the most cost-effective and efficient ways to promote your hotel online. A segmented email newsletter gives you a great way to stay connected with current guests and convince past guests to book a return stay.

Send business travelers a promotion for a free weekend night with their weekday stays, offer family travelers a coupon for an area attraction, and send the couples on your list a free dessert at a romantic restaurant. By segmenting your email subscriber list and sending out promotions that are specifically targeted according to demographics and past stays, you can realize a fabulous ROI on your marketing efforts.

Use hotel PPC ads to fill last minute vacancies

PPC ads are one of our favorite hotel promotion ideas, because they can easily be enacted to fill vacant rooms any time you have a dip in reservations. Use last-minute discounts to target spur of the moment travelers to reserve a room. If your hotel is located near an airport, use PPC ads to catch travelers who have been grounded by inclement weather.

PPC ads are highly effective for hotels because they reach travelers when they are at the exact moment of decision. Pair your hotel PPC ads with dynamic landing pages that funnel them directly to your booking engine for the greatest conversion rate.

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