Hotel Marketing Strategies

Hotel Marketing StrategiesTraditional hotel marketing outlets such as television, radio, and print media have become markedly less effective as today’s tech-savvy travelers turn to the Internet in record numbers to make their hotel reservations. With more than 50% of all hotel bookings taking place online, hotels must refocus their marketing strategies to incorporate Internet marketing if their business is going to survive. Building a successful Internet hotel marketing campaign can be difficult, especially given the proliferation of OTAs and other online competition, but by employing a variety of Internet marketing strategies, hotels can build their market share and garner a high volume of bookings to ensure they thrive.

To be effective, hotel internet marketing strategies need to reach prospective guests no matter how they access the Internet, whether they spend their time cruising the web using a laptop and a browser, activating Google search on their smartphone, or logging into their Facebook and Twitter apps from their tablet. Only a comprehensive Internet hotel marketing strategy that incorporates web marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing can give your hotel the widespread marketing reach it needs.

Web Hotel Marketing Strategies
The latest Google Penguin update has definitely given OTAs a boost when it comes to search engine rankings, but hotels can still get themselves noticed with a coordinated web marketing campaign that supplies what the large directories cannot offer: genuinely local content based on local knowledge. To be effective, your hotel web marketing strategies should include:

  • Responsive Hotel Website Design
    As technology and design continually evolve, mobile devices are increasingly being used to browse the web. A hotel website featuring responsive web design (RWD) will provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide variety of screen sizes, with navigation and features that are easy to access via any device.
  • Expertly Applied Hotel SEO Strategies
    Raise your hotel’s search ranking as high as possible by expertly optimizing the content and pages of your hotel website.
  • Genuinely Local Content
    You have a definite advantage over the OTAs that clog up the local results; you really are locally based, so you can offer insight into the neighboring area they cannot match. Write weekly posts on local content on your hotel blog; post photos, information, and videos of local points of interest; and partner with local attractions, restaurants, and excursion providers to offer special packages, tours, and discounts to be cross-promoted on their sites.

Mobile Hotel Marketing Strategies
The proliferation of smartphones and tablets make a mobile marketing strategies an essential part of hotels’ marketing plans. Your responsive hotel website design is a good start, but research shows that smartphone users now spend 89% of their online time using apps. Develop your own hotel app, with an easy-to-use booking interface and interactive features for guests’ stays to reach today’s mobile users. Mobile hotel ads and geolocation advertising services are other mobile marketing strategies for hotels that are proving to be quite effective; combine all three to develop an unbeatable mobile hotel marketing campaign.

Social Media Hotel Marketing Strategies
When correctly used, social media platforms can be powerfully effective hotel marketing tools. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram provide you with the opportunity to keep guests engaged with content that draws them back to become devoted followers of your hotel brand – and tempts them into repeat visits to your hotel property. To maximize the effectiveness of your social media hotel marketing strategies, incorporate the information your social media followers supply you with to develop targeted ads and disseminate content of specific interest to your desired guests.

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