10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Hotels

10 Social Media Marketing Tips for HotelsSocial media marketing trends are continually evolving, which means the social marketing strategy that worked so well for your hotel two years ago is going to fall flat with today’s digitally attuned guests. In order to attract and engage new visitors, hotels need to abandon outdated promotional strategies and incorporate the latest social media marketing tips and trends to create campaigns that resonate with travelers. We’ve included the latest 10 social media marketing tips for hotels to get you started:

  1. Turn your hotel social media pages into an interactive experience
    Engage and energize your followers by inviting them to share their pictures and experiences on your social media pages. Feature contests for best seasonal pictures, favorite moment from your hotel stay, favorite local attraction, etc.
  2. Make sure your social media posts are optimized for mobile
    The majority of today’s travelers use mobile devices to interact with the Internet, making it essential that your social media postings are optimized for mobile so they work correctly and have an appealing look on screens of every size.
  3. Create an ongoing hotel travelogue on Instagram
    Create an immersive travelogue for your hotel using user-based content on Instagram. Encourage visitors to post their favorite photos from their stay at your hotel; focus on excursions, local scenery, sites of interest, and quirky moments. Add short descriptions that frame the pictures as part of the genuine journey experienced by your hotel guests, credit the posters, and invite visitors to come join the adventure.
  4. Optimize your social postings for search
    Search engines crawl social media pages; by incorporating keywords in your page title, postings, and the tags on your pictures, you can get your page seen by more visitors and generate more traffic to your website.
  5. Make your hotel an adventure destination
    Use a variety of social media hotel marketing strategies in a concerted campaign to make your hotel a prime adventure destination: use Circles on Google+ to connect with adventure enthusiasts; use Hangouts and Facebook postings to raise interest in a local excursion; offer discounts on Twitter and Facebook; then share your adventures with a well-written blog and videos on YouTube.
  6. Use a social posting calendar
    Consistency is the key to building a following on social media. Trying to remember your posting schedule on top of your other duties will quickly drive you to distraction; instead, plan your postings on a social media calendar that outlines what and when you need to post.
  7. Use social media to deliver exceptional service
    Guests are turning to social media to communicate with hotel staff. Create Google Alerts that notify your staff when a guest posts to your Twitter or Facebook pages and appoint a staff member on every shift to respond to all posts within an hour, according to a set policy.
  8. Use Facebook Ads, Sponsored Stories, and other paid ads
    Now that paid ads have been introduced in social media platforms, organic social media rankings are becoming a thing of the past. Select a couple of your best posts to promote using Sponsored Stories on Facebook, and use paid ads on Facebook and Twitter to achieve front-of-mind positioning for your hotel.
  9. Link your social media marketing campaigns to your website and blog
    One of the goals of social media marketing is to increase visitors to your website so you can convert them to leads and raise your hotel booking rate. Use Facebook and Twitter to share your blog topics, carry blog topics into discussions on your social media pages, and include links and sharing buttons on your website.
  10. Use the data from your social media marketing campaign
    Guests provide a lot of big data in hotel social media interactions. Leverage this information to refine your marketing efforts and create tightly targeted hotel marketing campaigns that will increase your bookings.

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