Social Media Marketing

4 Tips for Using Facebook Marketing for Hotels

How to generate the best response using Facebook ads for hotels Looking for tips on how to use Facebook marketing for hotels? We’ve got you covered! Facebook has more than 2 billion active users and offers the most robust set of ad targeting options of any social network, making it the natural choice for hotels…

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Latest Trends in Hotel Industry

4 top latest trends in hotel industry to watch in 2017 Mobile marketing strategies, travel planning apps, and an increased need to understand guest data will top the list of hospitality industry trends affecting hotels in 2017. The global travel market is constantly evolving, as new technology and changing traveler expectations cause hotels to adopt…

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Travel Agency Online Marketing Strategy

How travel data can make your online marketing strategy more effective Are you overlooking a valuable resource that could be the key to your travel agency’s online marketing success? If your travel agency is not using the data generated by your online marketing strategy, you’re throwing away a tool that could make your marketing efforts…

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Social Media Marketing Tips For Travel

How to grow your travel business using social media marketing Is your travel agency gaining the full range of benefits from your social media marketing strategies? Many travel agencies are missing out on some of the benefits that social media marketing can provide because they are focusing primarily on the social side of their strategies…

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