Social Media Marketing Tips For Travel

Social Media Marketing Tips For TravelHow to grow your travel business using social media marketing

Is your travel agency gaining the full range of benefits from your social media marketing strategies? Many travel agencies are missing out on some of the benefits that social media marketing can provide because they are focusing primarily on the social side of their strategies instead of the marketing aspect. Smart marketers recognize that social media marketing strategies are valuable marketing tools that allow travel agencies to deliver highly personalized marketing messages. Traditional channels of travel marketing such as print and television ads are one-way pipelines of information – you can’t directly engage customers in a dialogue, you can only send marketing messages in their direction. Social media marketing strategies for travel are different because they allow two-way communication between travel agencies and their customers.  That means you can learn about your customers’ wants and needs, and then apply that information to deliver marketing messages precisely targeted to fulfill your customers’ requirements. To help you enjoy the full range of benefits from your social marketing efforts, we’ve assembled our top social media marketing tips for travel. Put them to use and watch your travel agency grow!

Focus on just 3 or 4 social media marketing platforms

Social media is not a “one size fits all” marketing channel. Travel agencies that try to market on all the available social media platforms are just going to dilute their efforts and make a weak showing on the platforms that matter to their customers. Instead, focus your social marketing strategies on the three or four platforms that are most popular among your target audience. You’ll find you get a much better return on your marketing efforts with these targeted campaigns.

Use your followers’ social media responses to shape your travel marketing strategies

Examining the number of “likes” and shares, and followers generated by your travel agency’s various social media posts will show you what trips and promotions hold the greatest appeal for your customers. Create targeted promotions that combine your followers’ favorite travel destinations with discounts and VIP trip options, and then publicize them through the same type of social media posts that revealed your customers’ interests.

Mine the travel data from your social media marketing strategies

Travelers reveal a great deal of information to social media platforms, far more than they may realize. Social media platforms also collect information that they glean from visitors’ browsing habits and online behaviors. You can access this travel data through the analytics program provided with your social media platforms. Use the information to refine your online travel marketing strategies so you can craft tightly targeted marketing campaigns.

Use business metrics to measure the success of your social media marketing strategies

Instead of looking at your social media marketing strategies solely as a means to connect with customers, hold them to the same high standards you have for your other marketing strategies. Likes and shares are a good indication that your social marketing strategies are engaging travelers’ interest, but you should also know how effective they are at bringing in travelers who become paying customers. Find out by using analytics to track visitors’ journey through the marketing funnel as they travel from your social marketing strategies to your website to see how many visitors convert.

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