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Hotel Website Design

How to Increase Direct Bookings through your hotel website In the highly competitive hospitality industry, it can be difficult for independent hotels to retain control of their brand. Expedia, Priceline, and the other large OTAs are now firmly entrenched and responsible for a large percentage of most hotels’ bookings, and many hotel owners are finding…

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10 Social Media Marketing Tips for Hotels

Social media marketing trends are continually evolving, which means the social marketing strategy that worked so well for your hotel two years ago is going to fall flat with today’s digitally attuned guests. In order to attract and engage new visitors, hotels need to abandon outdated promotional strategies and incorporate the latest social media marketing…

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Hotel Internet Marketing Tactics

Now that the Internet has become the primary travel and vacation planning resource for many travelers, hotels will need to focus on developing effective internet marketing strategies if they want to grow their business. With OTAs firmly entrenched in their positions on the top of hotel search results, hotels will see the greatest success if…

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Local Marketing Tips for Hotels

Travelers’ expectations of hotels have evolved in recent years, and local marketing is now emerging as the most effective way for hotels to boost their booking rates. Where travelers once sought accommodations that provided an escape from the world, today’s engaged travelers see hotels as their gateway to local activities and attractions where they can…

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Hotel Marketing Ideas

The widespread use of the Internet has drastically changed the hotel marketing landscape. It is now possible to reach prospective guests without a large financial outlay; with the investment of some time and creative effort, you can easily enact a comprehensive hotel marketing strategy that incorporates web marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing and more…

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