Hotel Internet Marketing Tactics

Hotel Internet Marketing TacticsNow that the Internet has become the primary travel and vacation planning resource for many travelers, hotels will need to focus on developing effective internet marketing strategies if they want to grow their business. With OTAs firmly entrenched in their positions on the top of hotel search results, hotels will see the greatest success if they use a multi-faceted campaign that employs hotel internet marketing tactics to target customers across a variety of Internet mediums. 

Hotel Remarketing Tactics
Hotel websites typically have a high number of visitors who initiate bookings but do not complete the process. These visitors have already shown an interest in your hotel – don’t let them slip through your fingers without a fight! Use a targeted approach to convert that interest into reservations:

  • Email Remarketing
    Move the field for email addresses to the top of your booking form to increase your ability to capture that information if visitors abandon their booking. Send an automated branded email thanking visitors for their interest as soon as visitors leave your site that includes a link back to your site along with your hotel reservations desk phone number; follow up with one targeted booking reminder.
  • Online Ad Remarketing
    Use Google Analytics’ segmentation capabilities to sort through your prospects based on pages viewed, location, on-site activity, and goal completions to identify your highest value prospects, then remarket to these prospects across the web with banner ads. Use AdWords to run search and mobile search branded ad campaigns.

Hotel Social Marketing Tactics
Social media marketing for hotels is a great way to build brand awareness, keep an ongoing dialogue with prospects and return guests, and generate bookings. Use social listening tools to monitor conversations across your social media platforms; use the information to launch targeted promotions.

  • Facebook Marketing
    Run contests to attract user-based content and raise brand awareness. Set up posts offering special rates and hotel packages; capture these leads immediately using customized landing pages with a “Book Now” button.
  • Twitter Marketing
    Use Twitter to enhance customer service by setting it up as a kind of virtual concierge. In order for this to work, you need to respond to customer tweets quickly; set up a monitoring program and assign a staff member to respond to requests on each shift.
  • Google+ Marketing
    Set up Google+ Circles for enthusiasts of activities that are available near your hotel. Organizing discussions is a terrific way to find out specific member favorites; arrange tours and cross promotions that leverage this information with special discounts for members of your Circles. For example, you could start a discussion on the merits of white wine vs. red and organize visits to local vineyards to verify the results. No vineyards nearby? Set up a wine tasting event with a skilled sommelier serving special vintages.

Hotel Mobile Marketing Tactics
Since mobile devices have become the main way consumers interact with the Internet, mobile marketing is rapidly evolving into the most effective way to interact with guests. You can leverage the power of mobile with a variety of mobile marketing tactics:

  • Geolocation Advertising
    Since consumers take their mobile devices everywhere they go, use geo location advertising to target interested consumers in your area with hotel promotions and local activity tie-ins.
  • Branded Mobile Hotel App
    The most successful hotels know how to use branded mobile hotel apps to increase guest engagement and satisfaction; share their success by developing your own mobile app with full functionality to handle guest check-in/check-out, requests, payments, and loyalty programs.

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