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Hotel Internet MarketingHow to Make Your Hotel Internet Marketing Strategies More Efficient

Are hotel internet marketing strategies taking up too much of your time? The number of online marketing strategies available to hotels has increased drastically in recent years, leaving some hoteliers struggling to maintain a presence on too many marketing platforms at once. The time demands of these responsibilities can grow to unmanageable proportions, and suddenly you realize that the very strategies meant to help your hotel grow are now harming it.  If you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to pare your marketing duties back to more reasonable levels. You don’t need to stop engaging in internet marketing strategies for your hotel altogether, you just need to learn how to make your hotel internet marketing strategies more efficient. We’ve got some tips that can help.

Upgrade to a responsive hotel website

92% of travelers today use mobile devices at some point in their travel planning process, according to Google’s 2014 Traveler’s Road to Decision study. And these travelers expect your website to work flawlessly no matter how they access it; Gomez Research found that 46% of consumers won’t return to a site if it doesn’t load properly on their mobile device. You need to ensure your website delivers perfect performance no matter how visitors access it, but trying to adjust your mobile website design to accommodate each new device is an expensive and inefficient solution.

With a responsive hotel website design, your site automatically adjusts to perform perfectly on all mobile devices. Talk about efficient: once your site is upgraded to responsive web design, you’re covered with every mobile device, even the ones that aren’t on the market yet, without having to lift a finger.

Streamline your hotel’s online marketing efforts

Unless you can afford to pay for a dedicated marketing department, trying to utilize too many internet marketing strategies at once is only going to dilute your efforts and cause your hotel business to suffer from your divided attention.

Try concentrating on just 3 or 4 hotel online marketing strategies to start. Maintaining a presence on Twitter and Facebook is pretty much expected, so you should remain active on these platforms. Add in one of the primarily visual marketing strategies, such as Instagram, and a monthly email newsletter and you’re good to go. You can add in more strategies later once you have your marketing strategies running more efficiently.

Use a content creation calendar

A content calendar can help you use your marketing time much more efficiently. Instead of spending time each day trying to think up topics for your blogs and posts, set aside time once a month to fill in a content creation calendar.

Figuring out all of the content topics for your internet marketing strategies at one time is not only a much more efficient use of your time; it can actually improve your marketing strategies. Since you are laying out the topics ahead of time, you can easily organize your topics into a cohesive pattern that will increase guest engagement.

Use a social media management program

Interrupting your daily routine to upload posts and tweets is never a good idea. It’s distracting and takes your focus away from running your hotel. With a good social media management program, you can take care of all your content marketing chores in an hour or less a day.

Write and upload all of your marketing content at once – your media posts, email messages, and tweets. The social media management program automatically posts your content at optimal times throughout the day so you can get back to taking care of your hotel.

Set Google Alerts to monitor social media channels for your hotel

Responding quickly to customer complaints on the Internet is essential for your hotel’s survival in our digitally attuned society, but you can’t afford to spend the day checking your Twitter feed for comments. Set Google Alerts to notify you when guests comment on your hotel social media channels, and get on with your day.

Capitalize on your guests’ engagement

Social media marketing strategies for hotels thrive with guest input. You can use this guest involvement to make your marketing efforts more efficient; instead of spending so much time creating content, you just have to adapt it to your use. For example, you can use the collaborative possibilities of Instagram to create an internet hotel marketing strategy that will take you only minutes to keep up to date and active.

Get your hotel’s Instagram page started by offering a small reward to encourage guests to post pictures from their stay at your hotel (a free drink coupon for the day’s best picture should do it). Take 15 minutes to add catchy comments in the description area, and you’re done!

Use analytics to sharpen your marketing focus

Using analytics with your interactive hotel marketing strategies allows you to monitor their performance. You can see which marketing strategies are generating the best response, and which are falling short. Instead of wasting time on poorly performing strategies, adjust your marketing approach or jettison strategies as needed. By “cleaning house” in this way, you’re creating a tightly targeted marketing strategy that will be a much more efficient use of your marketing time and effort.

If maintaining your hotel internet marketing strategies is still taking too much of your time, Travel Tech Strategies is here to help. We can provide you with everything you need to  effectively market your hotel, from a responsive hotel web design, to social media marketing and email marketing services, SEO content creation services, and much more, leaving you free to focus on managing your hotel.

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