Boutique Hotel Marketing Strategy in a Flash

How to implement your boutique hotel marketing strategy in 30 minutes or less

 boutique hotel marketing strategy Did you know that there are fast, effective actions you can take right now to market your boutique hotel? We’re not talking about time-consuming chores that take hours to enact – these easy marketing strategies only take 30 minutes or less!  As the busy owner of a boutique hotel, you have many demands on your time. You know how important it is to connect with your guests online, but you can’t afford to spend hours every day developing your boutique hotel marketing strategies. Travel Tech Strategies’ marketing gurus have come up with three fast internet marketing strategies that boutique hotel owners can enact in less than half an hour. Get ready for some fast marketing in a flash!

Shoot a guest testimonial video

Guest review videos are easy to shoot and post – and they are an effective way to introduce prospective guests to everything your boutique hotel has to offer. Post a sign at your Check Out desk asking guests if they would be willing to take ten minutes to give their honest opinion of their experience at your hotel. Offer a token of your appreciation for their time, such as a free dessert, snack or drink.

You don’t need an elaborate set for your videos, just a quiet place with a solid backdrop that won’t clash with most guests’ apparel. Have a short list of four or five questions ready to ask guests about their experience. Once you shoot each video, add some keywords in the Alt tags, include a link to your website, and post on your hotel’s YouTube channel. Once you have completed a few of these guest video testimonials, you should be able to complete the entire process within your 30-minute window.

Send out a hotel email newsletterboutique hotel internet marketing

Can you really create an attractive email newsletter for your boutique hotel in under half an hour?  No problem! Simply bundle together two or three of your similarly themed blogs, add an intro and an attractive picture or two, and your email newsletter is almost ready to go.

If your email subscriber list is segmented according to demographics (couples, families, business travelers) you can easily include a discounted offer relevant to each subscriber group.  Offer coupons for a weekend getaway to your couples, a free weekend day with three weekday reservations, and special vacation packages for family travelers.  Proof for errors and press send. Presto! You have a great looking hotel email newsletter ready in 30 minutes or less.

Develop your hotel content marketing strategy

Here’s a way to develop a powerful hotel marketing strategy in a hurry – just repurpose your best blogs into new, interesting content. If you have a long-running hotel blog, you don’t have to invest a lot of time developing new content to expand your hotel marketing strategies. You already have a rich library of content just waiting to be reborn in a new format!

You can quickly repurpose your best blogs into various other content formats. A blog on packing tips makes a great checklist; your feature on local attractions is a podcast just waiting to happen. When you turn your hotel blogs into podcasts, videos, slideshares, and other formats, you can introduce entirely new demographics to what your hotel has offer. Since you are just reformatting information you already have, creating new, interesting content to power your hotel internet marketing efforts in half an hour or less is a breeze!

For more boutique hotel marketing tips and complete support for all your online hotel marketing strategies, you can always rely on Travel Tech Strategies. We can provide you with everything you need to effectively market your boutique hotel online, including a responsive hotel website design, monthly social marketing packages, email marketing services, custom landing page designs, and much more.

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