Content Writing for Hotels: 6 Tips

Content Writing for Hotels

Looking for ways to make your hotel content more effective? Try these 6 tips on content writing for hotels

Are you searching for ways to make your hotel content writing more effective? Now that the Internet is the first place that travelers turn to when looking for lodging, hotel content marketing has become the best way to reach travelers and market your hotel to prospective guests. Whether this is your first foray into content writing for hotels or you have an existing hotel content strategy that is not performing as well as you would like, these six tips will punch up your content writing and make your hotel marketing efforts more successful.

#1: Focus on your unique selling proposition (USP)

Identify the special characteristics that set your hotel apart and use those features to focus your content writing. If your hotel is located in an adventure lovers’ paradise, then write a series of blogs on different excursions. If your hotel is a haven that offers an escape from busy everyday life, send out Tweets and Facebook posts about “getting away from it all”. When you use your USP as the center of your hotel content strategy, you’ll find you get much better results for your marketing efforts.

#2: Match your voice to your hotel’s appeal

Making sure that your content writing “voice” matches your hotel is one of those critical online travel marketing tips that can make an enormous difference in the success of your marketing efforts. Rustic hotels and lodgings that appeal to outdoor lovers can use a more relaxed, conversational voice. If your hotel caters to an elite clientele, your content writing should have a more sophisticated, erudite tone. If the tone of your content writing is not in sync with your target audience, travelers are going to have difficulty connecting with your hotel brand.

#3: Concentrate on the SEO value

One of the most important things to remember about writing content for hotel websites is to apply SEO. If you don’t optimize your page for search, Google and the other search engines are never going to find that amazing content or blog post you just created. A general rule is to have one focus keyword and 2-3 secondary keywords scattered throughout your writing. Remember to incorporate longer keyword phrases used in verbal searches on mobile devices for the best results.

#4: Organize your information

Something to keep in mind when writing content for hotel websites is that the easier it is for visitors to find information, the more likely it is they will return to your website. Long scrolling pages filled with writing are too difficult to focus on, particularly on mobile devices.  Organize your information into short sections with bolded sub-headers. This will focus travelers’ attention on the individual sections they are seeking.

#5: Don’t oversell

One key tip to remember when writing content for hotels is to avoid the urge to oversell. You should definitely portray your hotel in the best light, but keep your descriptions true to life. When you exaggerate benefits at your hotel or make features sound better than they really are, it may entice guests to your hotel but they are going to end up angry and disappointed when they find out the truth. A guest can be happy with a glimpse of the ocean if that is they were expecting, but not if they were anticipating an unobstructed sea view.  Keeping your content writing more realistic will deliver much better results in the end.

#6: Check and recheck grammar and spelling

This may seem like an obvious content writing tip, but it addresses an area where many hotels fall short. In the rush to create new content, hotel content creators sometimes rely solely on computerized spell check and grammar features. Homonym errors and grammar mistakes can slip through, presenting an image of a careless institution that is not going to entice travelers to your lodgings. Make sure you have a flesh-and-blood editor do at least a quick read-through of your hotel content before you post to the web.

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