The 2018 Hotel Marketing Checklist

2018 Hotel Marketing ChecklistHow will you market your hotel in 2018? Use this handy hotel marketing checklist to make your plans!

It’s time to plan your hotel marketing strategies for 2018! Independent hotel chains and boutique hotels will face stiff competition in 2018, as large hotel chains and private accommodation aggregators such as Airbnb put their large marketing budgets to use. Fortunately, digital marketing strategies can help even the playing field. By carefully planning your hotel marketing strategies, you can leverage the factors that set your hotel apart and use them to your advantage. To make sure you are getting the best return for your marketing budget, Travel Tech Strategies presents the 2018 Hotel Marketing Checklist. Use it to plan your hotel marketing strategies for the New Year.

#1: Make sure your hotel website is mobile-friendly

Mobile-first indexing will be fully implemented in 2018, which means that mobile-friendliness has moved from a good idea to an absolute requirement. If your hotel website doesn’t meet Google’s standards of mobile readiness, your business will take a hit as your website disappears into a lower position in search results. Upgrading to a responsive website design will ensure your website performs perfectly on every device. Google will love it, and your guests will, too!

#2: Embrace voice-first SEO strategies

One of the biggest changes in hotel marketing for 2018 will be the need for voice-first SEO strategies. Over the past year, there has been a major shift in the way people search online for information. 40 percent of adults now use voice search at least once a day, and that trend should increase thanks to the increasing use of virtual assistants in mobile devices and smart home systems. To keep up with this trend, you will need to update your SEO strategies with long-tail phrases that capture the way people speak rather than the way they type. These keyword phrases should be embedded in detail-rich content to provide context.

Make sure all of your online hotel strategies are optimized for search. Many travelers now go directly to social media networks when searching for information, so use #hashtags to optimize your hotel social posts for the best results. Use keywords in titles, meta data, and Alt tags to optimize your videos, photos, and other hotel content strategies.

#3: Create dynamic content

The key to successfully marketing your hotel online lies in creating exciting hotel content. Use your hotel blog to promote happenings in the area, introduce travelers to the local attractions, and illuminate the differences that set your hotel apart.

Video should play a top role in your hotel content marketing strategies, as it immerses travelers in everything they can enjoy at your hotel. Create a vivid travelogue using video, then feature short video clips on your website. Use video snippets to spice up your social and email marketing strategies.

#4: Expand your social marketing efforts

Social marketing will be one of the top marketing strategies for hotels in 2018. Maintaining a strong presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will help your hotel connect with travelers.

One of the biggest hotel marketing trends for 2018 will be an increased investment in paid social media over organic social marketing efforts. Facebook added several marketing features that make the social network an ideal way to market your hotel in the coming year. Dynamic Facebook ads for hotel and Canvas ads in particular offer targeting options that will help your hotel reach a wider audience in the New Year.

#5: Invest in PPC ads

Any 2018 hotel marketing checklist should include PPC ads. Organic search reach is declining rapidly, and organic social reach isn’t far behind. Investing in PPC ads (also known as pay per click ads) can help you increase the online visibility of your hotel. Use remarketing with your hotel PPC ads to achieve the highest ROI for your marketing spend.

PPC ads put your listings in front of travelers at the exact moment they are ready to book a reservation.  Using PPC ads with your social strategies can boost the visibility of your social posts and extend your marketing reach.

#6: Encourage repeat visits with email marketing

Email marketing claims a top spot on 2018 digital marketing plan for hotels, as it offers a cost-effective way to encourage return stays. One of the best features of email marketing for hotels is it lets you segment your lists according to business and leisure travelers, families, couples, and other demographics so you can send out personalized offers that are certain to appeal to their target audience.

#7: Enact a hotel loyalty program

Loyalty programs are expected to be one of the hot hotel marketing trends for 2018, as hotels strive to take back bookings from the OTAs. You don’t have to purchase a new app or complicated software – you can easily create a hotel loyalty program through the social media strategies you are already using! Use a combination of email and social posts to promote your loyalty program, then use social media to issue rewards and discounts to guests.

If you would like some help using the strategies on our 2018 Hotel Marketing Checklist to promote your hotel, you can always turn to Travel Tech Strategies.  As a dedicated hotel marketing agency, we offer a full range of marketing services to help your hotel succeed. Whether you need a responsive hotel website, SEO content creation services, dynamic landing pages for your PPC ads, or a monthly social marketing package, we can provide you with everything you need to effectively market your hotel in 2018 and beyond.

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