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Marketing Ideas for Boutique Hotels

3 mobile first marketing ideas for boutique hotels Is your boutique hotel ready for the summer mobile booking bump? Criteo’s 2016 Travel Flash Report revealed that the share of mobile travel bookings rose dramatically in the early summer months last year, increasing by a whopping 21 percent between April and July.  The same increased booking…

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How to market your boutique hotel: 10 hotel marketing tips 

Top online marketing strategies for boutique hotels When you’re the owner of a boutique hotel, trying to bring your establishment to the attention of travelers can be a challenging undertaking. You need a way to get voyagers around the world to see the unique qualities of your hotel, so they can recognize the one of…

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5 Tips: Marketing Ideas for Boutique Hotels

Easy, affordable ways to market your boutique hotel online As the owner of a boutique hotel, you need to find ways to market your hotel effectively without breaking your budget.  This can be a difficult task – after all, you’re competing with large OTAs and international hotel chains that have marketing funds that may be…

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