How to market your boutique hotel: 10 hotel marketing tips 

Top online marketing strategies for boutique hotels

10 hotel marketing tipsWhen you’re the owner of a boutique hotel, trying to bring your establishment to the attention of travelers can be a challenging undertaking. You need a way to get voyagers around the world to see the unique qualities of your hotel, so they can recognize the one of a kind experience that only you can offer. You don’t have the name recognition of the large chains, and you don’t have an extravagant marketing budget. Never fear – when you’ve got these top online hotel marketing strategies on your side, your marketing woes will disappear! Here are our top hotel marketing tips on the best online strategies to get your boutique hotel the notice it deserves.

  1. Start with a mobile-friendly responsive hotel website
    Connect with today’s on-the-go travelers with a responsive hotel website design that performs perfectly on smartphones, tablets, and every other mobile device. Use a gorgeous full screen photo of your hotel’s best asset in all its glowing glory to capture guests’ attention, and you’re on your way!
  2. Apply SEO strategies to raise your hotel’s profile
    Incorporate the trending keywords that travelers are searching for throughout the content and pages of your website. Remember to include long tail phrases to match the verbal searches mobile travelers use on their phone, and change them up as needed.
  3. Write a fascinating hotel blog
    Bring the sights, sounds, and beauty of your hotel to life with a riveting weekly blog. Publish teasers from each week’s edition through your social media channels to have travelers lining up to stay!
  4. Add in a mobile booking app
    Begin bringing direct bookings back to your boutique hotel with a mobile hotel app that features a powerful booking engine. Include a low price guarantee and special access to hotel perks to recapture travelers’ interest back from the OTAs.
  5. Use guest-generated content for destination storytelling
    Everyone loves to share their vacation photos, so encourage guests to post their best shots on your Instagram page. Engage in destination storytelling in the description area on each photo to invite viewers to join the one of a kind adventure awaiting them at your boutique gem!
  6. Engage guests through social media
    Use the full array of social media marketing to engage with travelers and show them the unique experience your hotel offers. Incorporate super short video clips to make each post shine!
  7. Use email marketing to connect with past guests
    Segment your subscriber list and send targeted emails with discounts and promotions to encourage past guests to return for repeat stays.
  8. Create a virtual concierge
    Show your guests just how luxurious life can be at a boutique hotel! Turn your Twitter feed into a virtual concierge so you can meet guest requests in a flash
  9. Start a loyalty program with major rewards
    Why should chains have all the fun? Create your own loyalty program and reward the faithful with direct booking discounts and special perks. Publicize through social media for a major membership boost!
  10. Invest in PPC and paid social ads
    Gaining notice for your hotel through organic search and social can be difficult, but these affordable little ads can level the playing field in a hurry! Plan your bid terms to target adventurers that are the perfect match for your jewel of a hotel.

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