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4 Reasons Your Hotel Website is Hurting Your Business

How to fix the most common hotel website mistakes Could your hotel website actually be hurting your business? In these technologically inclined times, your website is often the first introduction that prospective guests have to your hotel. We’re not talking about a couple of guests here… Google’s landmark Travelers’ Road to Decision Study found that…

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How to market your boutique hotel: 10 hotel marketing tips 

Top online marketing strategies for boutique hotels When you’re the owner of a boutique hotel, trying to bring your establishment to the attention of travelers can be a challenging undertaking. You need a way to get voyagers around the world to see the unique qualities of your hotel, so they can recognize the one of…

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Innovative, Actionable Hotel Marketing Ideas

3 specific actions you can use to market your hotel effectively Are you looking for ways to market your hotel more effectively? Seeking innovative hotel marketing ideas that will help you achieve measureable results and solid improvements that show a clear ROI? Trying to figure out if your marketing efforts are successfully promoting your hotel…

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Hotel Marketing Strategies That Will Boost Bookings

How to Generate More Direct Bookings for Your Hotel Are you tired of having so many of your hotel bookings going through the OTAs instead of coming directly to you?  Wish you had a way to avoid the fees and generate more direct bookings for your hotel? You’re not alone – the push to increase…

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Effective Hotel Marketing Strategies

Learn how to build exposure for your hotel brand, as well as allocating valuable resources toward reaching potential guests, and retaining valued guests that hotels already had the pleasure of serving. The following effective ways will promote and advertise your hotel that will generate solid results, results that are measurable, and will produce a rapid and…

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How to Choose a Hotel Marketing Agency

The hotel marketing agency you hire will play a large role in the financial success of your business. With the proliferation of hotel marketing companies that has occurred in recent years, the market has become flooded with companies claiming results that they lack the expertise to deliver. How can you sort through the hype to…

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