Effective Hotel Marketing Strategies

Effective Hotel Marketing StrategiesLearn how to build exposure for your hotel brand, as well as allocating valuable resources toward reaching potential guests, and retaining valued guests that hotels already had the pleasure of serving. The following effective ways will promote and advertise your hotel that will generate solid results, results that are measurable, and will produce a rapid and favorable return on investment through increased bookings.


Today more than ever before, those looking to book a hotel stay are more confident in waiting and booking a room at the last minute, thanks to today’s technology making it not just possible, but also simple and easy. There are also those who travel and need to be able to book a room at the last minute due to a delay in their travel plans, such as a cancelled flight that leaves them stranded at the airport. To capture these travelers, mobile optimization is key. There are several facets of mobile optimization that work to complement each other, and also capture the stranded traveler who has now become a potential hotel guest.


Mobile Marketing Strategies: Taking mobile optimization to a whole new level in hotel marketing.


Working with a small window of time and opportunity, mobile optimization will allow your hotel to capture that potential hotel guest who was just stranded at the airport, before the competition does. Here’s how:


  • Responsive Design and Mobile Apps. The innovative responsive web design and development method enables your website or communication to get through to any device, and seamlessly adjust to the size of its viewing screen, whether it is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. Mobile apps also enable mobile users to easily communicate from their mobile devices, as apps are designed with the smaller screen in mind, as well as to be “thumb friendly”, as potential guests are able to reserve rooms, make requests, as well as read reviews prior to booking. These tools provide ease of use, smart and appealing design and content, and the ability to conduct a transaction quickly, which are the key components in capturing the stranded, potential hotel guest, or anyone in need of booking a hotel stay on short notice.


  • Geofencing. Taking mobile optimization to an even more powerful level, this clever tool enables you to learn when your potential guests are within the vicinity – especially prior guests who have already stayed with you. For those guests that have opted-in, this amazing tool which utilizes GPS will alert when potential guests have arrived within a set geographical boundary, like a sort of virtual fenced in area, such as the closest airport and its surrounding city. When these potential customers have been detected, a communication via text message can be sent to them, welcoming them back into the community, and even offering them an incentive or discount to reserve another room at your hotel.


Hotel Marketing: As information changes quickly, help your business keep up. Whether it’s new hotel services, seasonal specials, or marketing campaigns, keeping your website up to date is vital to your business.


Content is still King. Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important tools for marketing your website. These various methods will keep your website performing optimally, are:


  • Regularly updating your site’s coding, keeping up with the ever-changing formulas of search engines.
  • Keeping your website content fresh, keyword rich, and relevant.
  • Utilizing link building strategies to improve your website’s visibility and relevance for commonly used search terms.


Hotel Marketing Strategies: Tracking and analysis to learn statistics and ROI gives your hotel the competitive edge.


Revolutionary methods for analysis of your hotel’s monthly website activity is cutting edge and thorough. These innovative reporting solutions enable you to measure and analyze results, and also determine how well your website is performing. Regular monitoring and analysis of data allows us to implement processes that are geared for success. Learn valuable information on a regular basis:


  • Who is viewing your website
  • How much money your website is generating
  • How many reservations were booked through your website
  • What is the ROI for each marketing campaign


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